Friday, June 26, 2009

know any frogs?

I am thinking of frogs today, and am feeling I should say something about them. I have mentioned this to some of you in person already when it fit someone personally-- but, it seems like it might be for you now.
The frog is a very sensitive animal. When his environment changes, he is the first to feel it and to respond to it. Sometimes the poor things will grow extra limbs etc in an attempt to adapt.
Yet, at with all of it's sensitivity, it is a survivor. It can bury it's self deep into the desert only for long periods of time, only to reemerge to mate when rains come.
It is a creature of many worlds... living in water, earth and even elevated in the air in the case of the tree frog.
Frogs come in many beautiful colors, and yet they are often seen as frightening or misunderstood.
While frogs are very vulnerable and have thin skins, some are also quite powerful as their skin has certain chemicals that can literally kill hundreds of humans if absorbed. However, that same chemical, once diluted, has the potential to heal literally thousands. It is all in how it is treated, how it is used.
If the frog appeals to you, maybe it is your totem animal, at least for now. Because it changes so dramatically from birth to adulthood, maybe it indicates that you too may be going through great changes as well. If you see frogs in an unusual way- real or images- or in unusual places, then maybe it is a sign for you to let you know that you share some of the attributes as our friend, the frog, and that your guides are showing you them so that you will know that they are with you.


Often we take a break from the hard work of being human to focus on something more-- on our spiritual purpose, or soul purpose-- the spiritual meaning of our life. Eventually, we get to a place where we need to get back to the mundane aspects of life and become absorbed in the daily business at hand. We may again visit the spiritual realm as a place of rest from the mundane. Sometimes, it is important to step away not only from the usual business but the hard work of being spiritually focused too! Spiritual development takes energy and sometimes it can be an intense process that sustains us-- but can also exhaust us. This is why taking time to simply play is important to us all. Not only does it provide a necessary respite from the hard work of our mundane lives, but it also allows the spiritual lessons to be absorbed and to be assimilated into our being. Often we neglect this important aspect to our lives as we feel too busy, too guilty or unworthy even of taking time for ourselves. We must remember that the cost of not entertaining the child within can be high in the long run and to have balance in our lives, it is an utter necessity.

ask angela: these people are bringing me down again

Dear Angela, my friends are trying to bring me down again, what do I do? Do same things, get same result. Hang around or empower same people, get same result. Respond to same people same way, get same result. Change direction slightly.. Different result eventually. Take one step in new direction.
I think the feeling I had re TN may have been the lost children,now found, as they were lost about time that shudder was felt.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feel a rolling motion in earth. Sometimes it takes a bit for what I feel to make sense. Sometimes not.

from Angela's phone

prediction updates

I predicted on news years eve and in previous blog that a famous musician/icon would die. I thought maybe it was someone else, but now I see it had to be Michael Jackson that I felt. It is very sad. ON PREVIOUS UPDATE, june 9th, i think, i forgot that i also predicted on new year's, a threat from space, and that happened soon after when nasa reported a near miss. i am trying to log these things for future reference. i am sure i miss tons of stuff.

spiritual activitiy

I am seeing more spirits than usual with folks who come to see me, so it is likely that others may be more aware of the guides and spirits of loved ones more than usual right now.
4 nice young women came to see me as a group. I tried to be professional as I led them to office, only to have one tell me I had toilet paper trailing out of my pants.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

feel a bit of a "shudder" in earth

of I feel a "shudder" in TN. this may be some tremors or similar event. may not be big deal.

comment from a friend

this from a friiend, who tried to comment on entry from a day ago-- but blog was being hateful and not allowing it: this is what yahoo astrology said about the planets lining up today:The universe starts to back off from its recent reign of terror over the last few days. Whenever Pluto is supercharged with energy - as it has been over the last 48 hours - extreme vibrations and underworld forces are often in the catbird seat.
Electrical things (even batteries) may be acting up.
People showing up early for appointments likely.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

current energy

pay attention to the health of your mother, if she is still with us. i am noticing a lot of older women struggling with health concerns at moment and may be requiring more attention than usual.

current energy

pay attention to the health of your mother, if she is still with us. i am noticing a lot of older women struggling with health concerns at moment and may be requiring more attention than usual.

ask angela-- is the sun is changing?

DEAR ANGELA: This morning Ellen and I both noticed that the sun was coming in our house in a very different way than we had ever noticed before. (The window behind my computer was very bright, which it never is. I sit in that exact spot every morning and have never seen it that way before...) It reminded me that my mother remarked a few weeks ago that "Everything is messed up. The sun is even coming through my windows wrong now". Have you heard anyone else say anything about this? Have you noticed anything? What do you think? DEAR KC: at first, I thought, no-- but then I remembered that this morning when I was outside at 6am, that it looked super bright-- like it was the middle of the day instead of early morning. So, yes, I did notice that. Later today, I mentioned this to my friend Kim L. She said YES-- and I think she will comment on this post soon. SO-- what is going on? I do not know, to be honest. It just feels like more of the same earth changes that have been happening for some time, and now perhaps there is a bit of speeding up taking place.
Obviously the NW energy in previous entry was the alaskan earthquake that hit yesterday. I predicted a dc thing.. Felt train, but not sure where I logged it, but have had two unrelated people say that I did. I'll blog anything else if I get it. Of COURSE...lots of stuff happens and I won't have a clue.

from Angela's phone

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am twittering any predictions or perceptions now. I am on there as angelavision. ( I'm on facebook as the same too. I may not have anything fit to tweet, but if so, I will do that. Of course, I will elaborate here on anything, if and when, it feels important.

Friday, June 19, 2009

current energy

I think we may be thinking about security, money matters, home improvements and reflecting on our childhoods more than usual over the next few weeks. I also think that we will have to guard against unreasonable fears that might try to attach to us. Some of us will need to travel... not just because it is summer vacation time, but because we may just feel restless and have a need to wander-- but then also, a need to go home. Health matters may be highlighted as well, espcially digestive matters so eat healthy. We may find our psychic vibe is on high-- especially empathy. Moods may be a bit unsettled and expressing them may be difficult. However, our sense of humor may be piqued and laughing is nearly always a good thing. So, try and walk through any unreasonable fears that crop up, eat well, try and maintain emotional balance, and try and overlook people who are acting fearfully or out of charactor if you can. We may be extra critical if we are not careful, but this should pass. Working around our home or saving some money will help put our spirits right... as long as we take a little jaunt first if possible. N. Korea may be acting awful, but I am trying to be hopeful of a good outcome, but feel they might be troublesome for some time. Same for middle east. The tension I am feeling applies to countries as well as individuals. Fear makes people act just irrational. Oh, if you are creative, writing may be favored in near future. that's all for now. have a great weekend. ps- florida is getting my attention again, not sure why, but it is. also, feeling NW.. that feels like earth energy stuff again. I am feeling iran is a pressure pot, but again, hopeful of some settling down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

listen to me :)

If you would like to listen to some podcasts of my former radio spot, "metaphysical matters" click on some of the entries below. Each one averages about 8 minutes or so. Please feel free to share my site/blog with anyone whom you think might enjoy it. I hope to add more voice files soon. There are more things to listen to on my site: , just click listen/read tab.

ufo visits-2podcast

ufo visits-2 podcast

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ufo visits?

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relationship suggestions podcast

relationship suggestions podcast

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mind/body podcast

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changing habits podcast

changing habits, easter archive

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manifesting podcast

when ideas collide, manifesting desires, etc podcast


pursuing desires podcast

pursuing desires and staying balanced

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ghostly things (2)podcast

podcast commentary "ghostly things (2)"

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paranormal investigations commentary

paranormal investigations podcast

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animal guides podcast

animal guides podcast, listen here

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seeking relationships podcast

listen to podcast "seeking relationships" about 8 minutes long

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new feature!

I hope you will enjoy the podcasts that I am posting. I hope to add new, current, sound bites soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

prediction updates

Today, I am trying to organize some of my earlier predictions that have come to pass this year. Of course, no one can predict with utter certainty upcoming events, but often, some things will be seen-- and if one's path does not change, perhaps some envisioned events may be in fact be destined. OKAY: In general, I predicted a volcano in NW, and Redoubt went out march 26. I predicted a Japanese political "thing"... a shake-up in government. Feb18th, financial chief resigns after drunk appearance with Mrs. Clinton. I predicted some deaths-- sports icon, significant musician, and religious leader. Also, a political figure suicide. so far:Barry Beckett, music producer, session musician and Koko Taylor, 80, American blues musician,Bill Kelso Relief pitcher MICHIGAN: Baseball Player Dom DiMaggio, Brother of Joe, Dies (2009 George Kell Dead David Kellerman, the acting Chief Financial Officer and Senior VP at (government sponsored) Freddie Mac, was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide at his home in Virginia. While he was not a politician, I feel it was the Fed. association that I felt. Religious leader dies in bombing Sat, June 13, 2009 Religious leader dies in bombing:Sarfraz Naeemia moderate, anti-Taliban cleric, had received death threats. I predicted a UFO event, that MAY have happened in England as almost immediately after my prediction a UFO was seen in area where a wind turbine was broken-- supposedly due to stress and not a collision. However, as I said, an octopus ufo was seen as were other lights. I also felt a new voice leading in the UFO community, which I feel is Edgar Mitchell. Early march, I predicted a major earthquake, that happened march 19th off Tonga. I predicted more volcanoes, seems to be happening with the undersea eruptions as of late. I predicted more to come and As of the 20th of February 2009, IG reported that the seismic stations Geophysical Institute have registered for days back a slight increase of the internal activity of volcano Guagua Pichincha. I feel yellowstone becoming more active. I said more frequent earth activity, and I stick with that. this from LA times in 08, which supports this: Last year saw a significant increase in the number of temblors of magnitude 3.0 or greater in Southern California and the northern portion of Baja California, according to data from Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey. Jan. 3rd, a reader wrote: "a reader just wrote: You did great with the earthquake prediction the other night on coasttocoast!! Hope the people in Indonesia were listening."I also said that the black smoke that I predicted a few days earlier were most likely the black smoke ask from Gaza that were on TV on the 3rd as well. While I predicted this pre-blog-- I did predict a financial disaster in 04 to several clients, which is why I moved to a place that would be paid for, hopefully before 08.Also, February 20th , 2009 I predicted a woman gaining influence, a foreign woman.. I think that is " Zahra Rahnavard "the Iranian Michelle Obama." Rahnavard, a 64-year-old political scientist and sculptress who heads a university, has made an impact on Iranian politics. If Iran finally opens up to the world and buries the axe with America, she may even deserve some of the credit." (tom fenton-World News from GlobalPost) I felt new animal discoveries, Science News reported in Feb. 09: Many New Species Discovered In Hidden Mozambique Oasis With Help Of Google Earth ScienceDaily (Feb. 1, 2009) — Space may be the final frontier, but scientists who recently discovered a hidden forest in Mozambique show the uncharted can still be under our noses. BirdLife were part of a team of scientists who used Google Earth to identify a remote patch of pristine forest. An expedition to the site discovered new species of butterfly and snake, along with seven Globally Threatened birds. I know I predicted more but I can't remember them. I'll update when I can. If I predicted something for you you can feel free to post it here if you wish. These are just some that I felt for all of us as a whole.

Friday, June 12, 2009

a broken plant

One day not so very long ago, I sat on my porch swing and admired a jade plant of mine that was sitting on the bannister. As I sat there, it occurred to me that it was possibly the nicest plant that I had ever owned. I was amazed at the complexity of it many little branches and it little twists and turns. I thought it was so very balanced in relationship to it's pot. THEN-- without warning, it fell and broke into pieces. I felt literally sick to my stomach. I could barely stand to look at it but I could not stand to see it go either. I stuck broken pieces back into the dirt, set it near a window on the back porch and figured it was done for. I was wrong. The broken pieces took root and the plant actually thrived. It no longer resembled the shape/structure that it once did, but do you know what? It was even MORE beautiful now than ever. It spread out in a whole new direction and filled the pot even better than before. I could not have imagined the beautiful plant that it would become as I thought it's ultimate beauty had been reached prior to the sudden destruction it suffered. It is nice to know that such beauty can come from destruction and that while we may lack imagination, there can be something even better than what we know now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my grandbaby

my grandson, Dylan (duckie, for short!)

I'm obsessing over a lost love

ask angela–”I’m obsessing over a lost love”June 4th, 2009 Dear AngelaI read your blog often, it is interesting and very helpful. I was wondering if you could help with a situation I am struggling with? Recently I received a phone call from someone that I have not been in contact with for almost 2 years. The phone call was to tell me he thinks about me all the time and is attracted to me and can’t seem to get over it…but he is in a serious committed relationship and has been for years and doesn’t know what to do about his feelings now.2 years ago we were flirting but I could tell it was not going anywhere and I just had to acknowledge that this guy was just not interested in me. So I cut all ties and I have to say I did pretty good I am proud of myself, he even called a couple of times and I never called him back or attempted any contact.Now after this phone call 3 weeks ago I am right back to the way I was 2 years ago, thinking about him constantly! I try to do things I enjoy draw, read, sew and I just sit there and think about him, it is sickening. I feel like I am ENGULFED in his energy again, like I am caught in a bubble with him and I can’t get out of it. I know this obsessing over someone will block my true Life Partner from entering my life. Do you have any tips or exercises to help with this? DEAR READER:As you know, we attract those who reflect us. It feels like you each share a fear of intimacy, yet you each long for the feelings that intimacy initially creates.. but eschew the feelings of fear that it later creates. When he is unavailable, then the desire outweighs fears, and the remembrance of the way things felt when things were new come back with a vengeance.. why not, nothing can actually happen to make you act on those desires right now, so it is “safe”. When he is committed and things become mundane, his desire for the newness that he once felt is strong, and his fear/aversion to true intimacy with his partner is grows. You may be the last person that he remembers sharing those intense feelings of new love with, you are unavailable/forbidden fruit—therefore safe- and the feelings can be strong. You have to look at this with your head and not your heart. You have to see this as a recipe to heartache and remind yourself that it is the way he made you feel that you might miss more than himself—and that you can have these feelings with someone more available if you will open your heart and be willing to take a risk. You have to sort of talk to yourself as if you were talking to a child. Remind yourself that you deserve better and that this feeling is rooting in an idea more than in something more substantial… he will run, or you will run if you had the chance to be in a true committed relationship a this time—just like he is running from the one he has now. You can see him, maybe, as a template- a proto-type maybe, of what you might hope for in a partner, but keep reminding yourself that you are willing to allow love to be in your life—close up—not just at a distance. If you feel strongly about it, make an effort– I don’t want you to feel you missed out. But stay balanced and don’t let your heart run away. I wish you the best of luck.

twin soul, soul mate?

ask angela soul mate/twin soulJune 5th, 2009 Dear Angela, what is the difference between a twin soul/flame and soul mate? DEAR READER: This is how it seems to me: Anyone can be a soul mate, you may have many, and often they are romantic—if you have a certain path to walk together or an “agreement” or “contract” to work through certain tasks or to share certain goals, or help each other grow, etc. Twin flames are 2 parts of one soul… created together at the beginning and torn apart, searching life after life to meet one another—it is romantic—male/female expressions of one being. It may be difficult to truly know the difference while you are in a relationship with your twin or mate, as most romantic relationships will be intense to start with and can be overwhelming. Perhaps time and hindsight will be the judge. Neither one will necessarily be an easy relationship—it can be intense, sexually charged—this intense energy keeps you working on self through the relationship. It may also entail a lot of work and effort just to get some understanding of it as well.

our outlook-vision-n. korea

I do see light thrugh the trees of this forest we are in. I feel that maintaining a hopeful outlook is important as to give into fear and the fear mongers is to further delay our current path. In 2004, I predicted a financial crisis in 08 and warned most people at that time that came to see me. I do not feel that this is over as I said, but I do think that it gets better after a period of adjustments and change– it is like this: the “house” that we lived in became weak and unsafe. It had to be virtually destroyed so that it could be rebuilt into something better. THe period of destruction is where we are now, but I can see that the new house, once completed, will be more appropriate and better for us all. I think that the new foundation is being laid and that construction will be speeding up now toward a better end– barring a natural disaster- which should not occur yet, but who knows. cross that bridge when we get to it. Also, I predicted that N. Korea was the place to watch in 04 and I have to double that warning now. I am very concerned that that will become worse and China may be forced to deal with them and their consequences… how they do that is unforseen. I feel that their leadership is very confused and paranoid, which is what we have been told– but I FEEL that strongly. I also feel that they feel angry– impotent– and need to be acknowledged as the power they feel they are. I seem to get a feeling of “destiny” when I sense them– That they may have a sense of their own destiny. Well, that is my chit chat for today. no wait, here is something i see– this is not an opinion, just what i feel/see: I can feel a man in the middle east who is looking at us differently– he is a leader, but I do not recognize him. He has kept his his head low, taking in a situation, absorbing what is around him. His emotions are deep and intense– he is unsure how to act - how to manage. He looks to the west–he see smoke rise up, but not sure how he feels about that, but he wants to make something better– to make peace– he is a man of peace but feels he is, against his will, in war. his presense may soon be known. okay, there for now.