Friday, June 26, 2009

know any frogs?

I am thinking of frogs today, and am feeling I should say something about them. I have mentioned this to some of you in person already when it fit someone personally-- but, it seems like it might be for you now.
The frog is a very sensitive animal. When his environment changes, he is the first to feel it and to respond to it. Sometimes the poor things will grow extra limbs etc in an attempt to adapt.
Yet, at with all of it's sensitivity, it is a survivor. It can bury it's self deep into the desert only for long periods of time, only to reemerge to mate when rains come.
It is a creature of many worlds... living in water, earth and even elevated in the air in the case of the tree frog.
Frogs come in many beautiful colors, and yet they are often seen as frightening or misunderstood.
While frogs are very vulnerable and have thin skins, some are also quite powerful as their skin has certain chemicals that can literally kill hundreds of humans if absorbed. However, that same chemical, once diluted, has the potential to heal literally thousands. It is all in how it is treated, how it is used.
If the frog appeals to you, maybe it is your totem animal, at least for now. Because it changes so dramatically from birth to adulthood, maybe it indicates that you too may be going through great changes as well. If you see frogs in an unusual way- real or images- or in unusual places, then maybe it is a sign for you to let you know that you share some of the attributes as our friend, the frog, and that your guides are showing you them so that you will know that they are with you.