Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strange visions

sometimes I have short, intense visions. Lately, I have had 3. The first one was this: I suddenly saw a fireball streaking thru a field of black. It was very intense. later i saw where Jupiter had been struck again by a comet so maybe I was just picking up on news. Next, while I was in session with a local lady who was talking about her rural WNC property, I had an intense vision of this: I saw a black cloud rise swirl and form from the ground-- it grew to an immense size and I saw it begin to take the shape of a native american man... an old man but warrior like. I felt a thought form-- something like - rising from the blood of his ancestors-- then it was gone. It felt important. Finally-- I saw a vision of what seemed to be Noah's Art... only there was a line of people going in by two's... not animals. (it seems animals were on board in hindsight) but a man (like one would imagine Noah) was ushering in the people as they were walking in slowly as the clouds had formed and it was beginning to lightly rain. I felt extreme changes in earth forming. So -- there you go, some visions for your amusment and/or edification.

Friday, July 24, 2009

bumpy ride

There is a story (it may be a myth) that on July 4th, 1776, King George III wrote: "nothing much happened today." Yet, of course, his whole world was changing at that moment, but he was not to know that for a while. I am feeling that our world may be changing but at this point, tho for many, it seems that "nothing much is happening." However, it is most likely that everything is happening. For some of us-- this "something" could be of a personal nature, but I am feeling, for most of us-- maybe all of us-- something that affects us all is happening, but is just outside our field of vision at this point. I am feeling I should say, "stick around, folks, it's going be a bumpy ride!" A bumpy ride, perhaps, but one that we were meant to take at any rate.

seeing with blinders on

I have told you this before, but feel I need to repeat it.In this life, we see as if we have blinders on. We see only what is in front of us, but very often, we see only the what directly affects us with only glimpses of anything more. It seems that when we pass over, the blinders are off. What is now so hazy is then made clear. We "get" it-- we understand at a level not so clearly understood now. It is hard to believe such a thing, perhaps, which is the whole point of faith, I imagine. We believe in something that we have little or no evidence to believe but hoping that at some point we will have our blinders removed and that we will truly "get it." I imagine we will see clearly when we reunite on the other side.

Friday, July 17, 2009

crazy vision

I see what looks sort of like the sun, it is a bright orange circle-- and it seems to be pretty large and close. I see people in a city below being very panicked. I see water, like from the ocean or large body of water, rushing in. The water is gray, it seems to be a gray day. There may be part of a structure there too-- although it might be a rock of some sort. The water just seems tobe very deep and moving fast. Interpret these- or forget these- as you see fit.

ice cream, anyone?

A vanilla ice cream cone is a nice treat. It is plain and simple and it is what it is. however, if you stir in some cherries or chocolate chips, maybe coat it in some chocolate topping. maybe instead, add some mint or coffee to it-- it can be surprising good and very different--even exotic. I think 2 things when I think of this. One is, if you like astrology-- is the vanilla represents our sun sign. It is our fundamental base. The chips, sprinkles and coatings would be the different aspects etc that color the base personality and make it uniquely you. I also think of it like this. Maybe you find yourself vanilla and while that is a nice thing to be, you might decide that you would like to be someone new when you "grow up." So, you might add some new experiences (adding chocolate chips), or incorporate some new traits or habits that you might like to adopt into your personality through emulation, (stirring in some cherries) or perhaps moving into a whole different type of life. (coating in chocolate dip) . While you will always retain the basic you-- the vanilla base, the new you can be something utterly different-- just because you make the effort to create a better more interesting you.

what do we really know?

There is a Amazonian tribe called Piraha . These folks have no concept of numbers. They cannot count at all, nor do they wish too, really. They consider themselves a bit better than other humans and have no desire to be assimilated into Brazilian culture. They cannot understand that 1+1 = 2... nor can they draw. Even drawing a simple line is too much for them. Their small children, however (if I am not mistaken) can learn. The adults cannot. I wonder if perhaps we may be like that is a way-- what is beyond our current comprehension or out of our realm of current knowledge may be more than we can understand no matter how hard we try, IF we try. Some of us may feel we are superior beings, so why bother. Children, however, often feel/see interesting things, but Of course, we adults dismiss such as mere imagination. Not so long ago, satellite images of the ocean showed a great number of "rogue waves." Until the satellite proved it, scientists doubted it. No matter that fishermen had reported them for years. After all, what would an eye witness who had lived most of his life on the sea would know about rogue waves. I think that this is our human nature-- to disbelieve whatever seems too outlandish or unfamiliar to us, even though there are those who witness and report with alacrity and accuracy what they have seen. I wonder what else is out there, misunderstood, unknown, or ignored due to our human superiority.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

making a change

A while back, a friend and I went to a local eatery that I frequented quite often. She pulled into the parking lot, and parked immediately. I felt like I would burst from a sudden sense of anxiety. Why, you might ask-- because she did not circle the building first. I always circled the building and parked on the other side. At that moment, I realized that my reaction, while sort of crazy, was also interesting to me. I had become so used to doing things a certain way that doing them differently actually provoked an intense reaction. I saw the rut clearly that I had created for myself, and I saw that I needed to make a change. Sometimes it takes such a thing to make us realize that we need to wake up before auto pilot takes over and we become rigid. However, making a major change, all at once, can be overwhelming. If you realize that you need a change, try making one small step in a new direction-- make one tiny change and see how that feels. Make another tiny change soon after. Pretty soon, you may find you have a whole new life- perhaps built on the same foundation, but a new you to enjoy for some time to come.

ordinary life

My daughter, Jayme, came in and saw her step father and me playing a game of scrabble. We used to do that every day and we still enjoy it. We were drinking a bit of coffee and enjoying a donut. Jayme was appalled at us because here we were on a Saturday night, just sitting around playing another game of scrabble for entertainment. However, I said to her: "Jayme, you should hope you have it so good." Sometimes we forget to revel in the ordinariness of life. It is often that in the most simple and mundane of everyday tasks or pleasures that we can find true contentment and peace of mind if we will allow ourselves to appreciate these times for the gifts that they often are.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

speaking of random energies

I predicted another in-air plane disaster the other day to my friend/assistant kim-- or thought I did. She did confirm that today, in an email: "I saw [plane crash] footage on tv and thought, good job, ange." It is unfortunate that we can pick up such things but are helpless at times to prevent them. I am not sure that this airline thing is over-- feel a smaller plane that may have difficulty soon. Maybe that energy will be averted, so I will try to visualize a different ending-- maybe it will help. It is worth a try. The earthquake energies will continue to pick up, and I think I am now picking up a landslide-- or a rock falling-- something like that. So, we'll see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

sorting out random energy

We are all being bombarded with random energies at all times. Sensitives will often pick up these energies, as most anyone can, actually, and sometimes they feel uncertain as to what they should do with this. I am not sure that there is anything that needs to be, nor can be done in many cases. Sometimes it is merely to witness the events that are taking place on this planet at this time. Witnessing events does not always call for action. IF action is required, then circumstances will conspire to bring about opportunities in which you can take action. For example: One time during a session, I suddenly felt that I was literally sitting on a plane. I felt that I was then hurled into space, still attached to my seat, and that I could see the ocean beneath me. I felt that I was a woman, but not myself. This happened in a matter of seconds and then I was back, paying attention to my client. Being "in the zone," as I call it when in session, makes me more likely to "pick up" such random energies. There was nothing I could do about this. Nothing. I did not even know what it meant. A day or so later, a woman was sucked out of the plane over the pacific ocean. I believe it was thru her eyes, that I felt this experience. I imagine that circumstances had come together at that time when I felt it that basically sealed her fate and I was just privy to, or vulnerable to, that random energy. It was not about me, nor was it my task to fix it-- I simply was a witness. However, on another occasion, I happened to feel the energy of a woman who had been murdered. I sensed certain physical sensations that belonged to her. Later on, I had the opportunity to speak to her family and to a policeman about what I felt. The opportunity came to me and I was called to "action." If you are feeling that your own psychic perception is growing, be aware that you may often feel things or see things, and some times there is something that you can do, but often, it will be just random energy, like radio waves on a radio, that will be filtering through.

Friday, July 10, 2009

rabbits and dimes

As many of you know, we are often guided by our spirit guides. I feel that they may leave signposts along the way. I feel that my guide leaves dimes. (story about that in my book -- also on blog)
I have not had any dimes show up in an unexpected way in a while. Today, however, one certainly did. I was in my car, fixing to take a bite from a doughnut (like i need it, but hey, i did it, i admit it) when I felt some cold pressure on my CLEAVAGE. I thought, "what in the world did I drop on me?" I reached over to pick it off, thinking it was icing or something-- but -- it was-- A DIME. Seriously, I had a dime stuck on there. I put it in my purse. 10 minutes later-- another dime was sitting on the console.... that I just vacuumed.
I love stuff like that.
I am feeling that rabbits are the animal totem to watch right now. If you find you are seeing more rabbits than usual -- then it is a reminder that there is abundance, tho we may not always believe it-- that it is a time of renewal, rejuvenation, as well as a time to be watchful and cautious of those who might take advantage of you.

shoe store

I have told several and I feel I need to repeat it as I am seeing many people for whom this seems to "fit." As we travel through life, we are on a certain path that is prepared for us. Then, of course, for most of us that path comes to an end and another begins. Imagine that you are walking on a path and you suddenly come upon a shoe store. you realize that your shoes that you have worn til now are worn out. You need new shoes and so you go into the store. there are so many to choose from and all of them cost 50.00 which is how much money you have exactly-- so-- you can pick one pair. these have to do you for a while so you might need to try on several in order to see what fits best. some people may go, grab the first ones and go. they may be lucky as the boots or sandals or whatever- work just fine. but it would be a same to choose sandals if your path leads thru mud, or boots if it is sun and sand. So, take time to think about what might be on your chosen path and take with you the right "tools" or "shoes" that will serve you best. if you have been thinking about needing new shoes lately, and maybe you really do-- or maybe not-- then maybe it is not just shoes you need, but it is a symbol suggesting that you may be having some new adventures on a old path, or a new path that calls for new steps altogether.

some new stuff coming soon

my friend, kim clark, who produced the show, "metaphysical matters" is helping me make some podcasts for this blog. We recorded a few today, but of course, need editing. as soon as they are ready, I will post. We are calling them: conversations with angela. Of the podcasts I now have on, ufo visits is the most downloaded. so, I started the series off with a conversation about aliens and my perceptions. we also talked about ghosts and some other things. I hope to have it on asap.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Author and an accomplished television producer, editor and news anchor, Susan Smitten has written a new book called: Ghost Stories of the Appalachians. In it, she retells one of my creepy stories and gives me a nice mention, pages 27-34. (see attached) If you like folktales and spooky stuff, then I think you would like this book.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am wishing you a very happy Independence day. It is so important for us all to have balance in our lives, so please make sure that you let go of work, or troubles as best you can and focus on what is good and joyful so that your spirit can rest. Enjoy your personal freedom and independence so many have struggled to obtain so that you can retain balance during the days when the hard work of life again beckons. Play is an important part of life-- a break, refreshment, change - can give us the energy we need to get on with whatever task is at hand.

Celebrating and remembering what is right with our country can help remind us of what all we have to be grateful for, not the least of which is the freedom for a hillbilly psychic the right to wish you a very happy Independence Day.