Friday, May 16, 2014

   Today, i had a vision of something, maybe rock, hitting mountain, I think. it may not be a big deal, just thought i'd mention it as you for your amusement, as you never know.  Usually, the longer things take, the bigger the deal tho.
  I was reminded today, off that subject,  that sometimes it seems that we are traveling through life and we feel lost, with no direction. I feel we may be given guidance at an unconscious level, however, and we have to trust our process.  I do feel we have guides who scout out the road ahead of us and give us information that we hold in the back of our minds til needed.  When needed, we have insight, "luck" opportunity etc to take the right road... even if it is a difficult back road.  Eventually, that off road, if taken, will surely lead us back to the highway where we may get a sense of direction again.
  Remember, that although we may be traveling blind, we still may be making good time.

5/20 addendum: i think this may be what i had felt earlier as it is an odd thing to happen.. which would make more likely to pick it up."

Letting go to gain control