Saturday, April 23, 2016

for your amusement

James has always admired horses and thought that riding one would be a good experience for him, so he was all for it when he was given the opportunity to do so by some friends.
He and his friends were at a relative’s house when the relative invited them to ride his horse a lap around the field.  They were happy to do so.  His friend rode a lap around the field first and second friend rode next without incident.  Finally, James had his chance.  He was a little apprehensive but the horse had seemed so calm with his friends that he decided to go for it.  The horse seemed willing enough to take him on a little jaunt when suddenly, about half way across the field the horse came up with some ideas of his own.  It seems that the horse felt that things that are more interesting lay beyond the field so he went looking to see what they were.  He must have been in a hurry to see them because he started out in a rapid trot.  Meanwhile, James was bouncing around as if his behind had sprouted springs and he was sitting on a rubber ball.  The horse evidently took all of that activity as a sign that James was in a hurry too, and so proceeded to quicken his pace.  James tried to call for help at this point, which the horse evidently mistook for encouragement and broke into a gallop.  He must have figured that James was in such a hurry so in order to please him, ran across the highway without even slowing down.  That might have been a stroke of luck however, since the tractor-trailer that was making its way down the road more than likely could not have slowed down if he had wanted to.
Abruptly, the horse evidently realized that it was dinnertime, and tonight was the night he had apples for desert, so he decided to turn around and go back home.  He must have been worried that there might not be enough dessert to go around because he broke out for home in a dead run.  James does not remember crossing the road the second time as he thinks he might have momentarily blacked out.  Since James had lost his voice moments earlier and was possibly in a outright faint, the horse forgot all about James and decided to climb a very steep hill which provided a nice short cut back to the barn.  James regained consciousness just in time to find that he was rolling head over heels off the animal’s back.  He actually landed on his posterior, sitting in an upright position.  The horse made it back to the barn in time for supper, completely unaware of his contribution to the evening’s entertainment.  James still admires horses; now he just admires them at a distance.

Again, the universe reminds us to stay balanced.

Friday, April 22, 2016

feels like an intense sort of vibe out there over next few days right now so take care- avoid troublesome people, pay attention to where you're going, and breathe peaceful energy.   make your focus be on home, health and security as that will be the best use of your energy most likely.  people acting out will not surprise me at all.. and our money will need to be watched carefully for a bit.  earth energy will continue to be a bit unsettled, so nature may be showing her temper... maybe not.. but it wouldn't surprise me if so.  but i don't see why we cant have some fun too! just use your own good common sense and avoid situations that you know are not going to go well to begin with.