Saturday, September 30, 2023

strange object in sky in front of my house

I took a picture of full moon in the dark, as I often do, but didn't realize the iphone nighttime icon was on, and when I looked at photo, I saw that object up in sky! I turned off that photo icon and took another photo, and it was still there tho you have to strain to see it as it is very dark out. I could barely make it out with naked eye. It faded away within minutes. I took another photo at that point, one with and one without highlight on and got bottom two pics. So.. I don't know.  This was taken from my home Sept. 29, '23 facing east. So.  There you go.


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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hey y'all....

 I think that the update google is doing changed my entire website and so.. a lot of stuff may have been lost.  I hope to get it updated soon and start posting again.  Due to some health issues, I have not been able to do as I would have liked with my blog but as I said, I hope to be back at it again soon.