Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Angela Answer: astral body

Angela Answers: soul retrieval/fragment

Alien thought

This just in:  (my head)

I was reminded of saying this stuff randomly a long time ago at various times - but it just came together so I have to say it as I will forget it most likely, as I often do. It's about alien energy.  1st they travel in color
2nd they travel thru thought 
3rd they hide in the light. 
Please don't expect an explanation - I'm sharing for no reason really except for your amusement and/edification. Feel free to ignore. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

vision:  did i tell you about the "vision" i saw at the movies 2-3 weeks ago, while waiting for movie (guardians of universe, very good) to begin? usually with me, these type visions bear out ...some may in time... but i hesitate to talk about them as they are incomplete and sometimes scary, and therefore, unduly alarming. yet... i wonder if i am supposed to share them else, why have them? so.  here you go. stop reading now... also.. i don't know time so, it could be very far away and maybe averted.
I "see" a city far below me.  I think it is.. or is LIKE.. NYC... a big city.  I know it is to be bombed, and it is making me afraid. I feel/know Russia, (I love Russian people, so I don't mean disrespect to any country) is behind it.  It feels surprising as i know that would be crazy, mutually assured destruction on both sides after all.. crazy.. yet, it is what i saw and felt and it felt the city was defenseless.  NOW>>>> maybe it is just craziness... alternate reality, someone's thought form, or whatever.  maybe the city was in Ukraine, that makes sense.. just felt like U.S.
ok, don't hate me for sharing this stuff. what do i know.

for your amusement (paranormal)

This happened: Yesterday about 2 pm I was walking past a truck (owned by lady i know, and yes, she knows, and knows to "cleanse" it) when I saw a figure inside the truck.  I was startled and I "jumped" as there was no one in the truck 1 minute earlier. In a split second I assumed it was likely to be owner's friend, so I glanced back in to speak, (fixing to say that I was startled) when I saw a figure like no other figure I have ever seen. It was like a 3-dimensional shadow figure of a human.. but with NO features.  NO nose, ears, hair... like an image of a man wearing a dark gray/black body stocking. It seem to be facing straight ahead. I literally yelped and stepped back. When I looked back, it was gone. I stood there a few more seconds staring into the truck, trying to figure out what I could have mistakenly seen or imagined. There was nothing. I saw what I saw, and I am sharing for your amusement. I feel, I know, that it is a paranormal hitchhiker, likely rooted in the place by the river where truck was parked.  so, as i said, just sharing.