Wednesday, September 20, 2017

event Sat, Oct 7th, 11am -1, MACA building, 50 S. Main St Marion

If you have some questions that you have always wanted to know about, and would like a chance to discuss them with a psychic and other like minded folks, this might be the just thing for you. I will take questions concerning all sorts of things paranormal as the energy of this particular audience guides me. We may be discussing spirits, guides, aliens, past lives, dreams, spirit cleansing.. whatever seems to fit the mood of the day. I think it will be an interesting day. I HOPE to set it up live on youtube or FB, but I am not certain that I will be able to do that at this time. Come early... space MAY be limited. As usual, there is no charge, but donations in any amount are greatly appreciated as it is through those that allow me to continue my work. -- let me know if you are coming as i may have to reserve seating or change venue if need be.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here is the weird for the day.. it actually happened yesterday. I went into big daddy's store (local to Marion) to pay for gas. As there was a long line, and as I had a craving for something sweet, I decided to get myself a chocolate pastry. The shelves were about empty, so there was only one chocolate choice.. one cupcake package made by unknown (to me) brand. There was also a cinnamon type coffee cake which looked even better. I stood there and actually struggled over my decision..a long I said, the line was long and slow, as well. Finally.. I decided to get both, the cinnamon thing for James for later, and the chocolate cupcake pack for myself. I decided to get it, even tho I was unfamiliar with the brand, because it was the ONLY thing of it's kind, and I figured it must be good or there wouldn't be only ONE left. As I said tho, the whole thing was not fully stocked at all. Slim pickin's. SO.. I get that, go to line, pay for it all and as I pick it up, I see the cinnamon cake, and... an APPLE UGLY.. I was shocked because I know I picked up the cupcake and I never saw an apple ugly at all.. it was not even same size, shape - it would have felt so different in my hand.. or whatever.. I know that is not what I had.. I was so (but quietly) freaked out that I asked cashier had sold that to someone else and they forgot it or what, but no.. a lady beside me and a man behind me seem to have also thought i had something else in my hand, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I told cashier that I trading it and so I went back there, and now.. on the rack, there were 2.. 2 cupcake packs, side by side.. . And as I said, I bought the one because in fact-- it was the ONLY one. I went ahead and got one, and as it was a bit cheaper, I showed it to cashier and said to just keep the extra 20 cents and throw it in the penny thing. This is could just me having had a mental lapse.. which maybe it was. But I am telling you, I was very particular about that decision and I feel it was on that counter until after I paid and as I said, I know there was only one cupcake, and I got it myself! SO, I think: is this me jumping timelines, dimensional shifts, or maybe it's time to call the home. Maybe the veil between worlds is thinning. Or not. just, this happened, there you go.
OH>>not making this up either.. my iphone, which is messing up, has not once but 3 times in 2 days, suddenly recharged itself several degrees. It is at a very low point, then I pick it up, and it's 10 points higher. Three times so far.

thoughts on energy today

I had an usual vision during a session yesterday when discussing world events with clients.  I "saw" a sleeping dragon awakening... slowly, but surely.  You can make of it what you will.  I feel it's China.
Anyway, don't worry about it. I'm just sharing something I saw.
I think there are some strangeness going on in general.. myself, and a few others that I personally know, are waking up in the middle of the night.. 3 am.. and feeling that it is already day.  I wouldn't have mentioned this, but after finding out others are doing it, I decided that I would say so.  I feel it's almost like time itself is phasing in and out.  My grandson is even saying to wake him up if we wake and it's 3 am because he thinks something spooky but magical might happen at that time.  Anyway, as they say, this too shall pass, I'm just sharing some thoughts.
I share much more on FB in general, tho it is randomly mixed in with mundane - very mundane- stuff.  Still, I do post much more there, if interested.  (like weird things that happened to me today)

Monday, May 8, 2017

this is to be a chapter in life at the moores.. just silliness

this is to be a chapter in life at the moores.. just silliness
I need sleep. I am not getting nearly enough sleep. I almost had a good sleep last night, except starting in the middle of the night about every five minutes or so, James had the nerve to wake me up and callously lie to me by complaining that I was snoring the house down. He even had more nerve to suggest that I should take my snoring elsewhere.. as if. My daughter Jayme has informed me that we actually often snore in unison in the perfect nocturnal harmony of a long married couple. Oddly, she finds that irritating and wears ear plugs and brings a sound machine when visiting. Usually, however, when my sleep is disturbed it is due to the fact that cats are randomly annoying during the night. For whatever reason, Bam-Bam, our big gray kitty, likes to have late night conversations with me and enjoys our little strolls to his food dish (totally full) for a late night snack. Sometimes, he invites me to go outside for a 1 am run around the yard: he is friendly that way. I hated to hurt his feelings, but I had to start closing the doggie door to our room, because, mama needs to sleep! That was somewhat helpful, but then our Stampy Cat took up the cat baton by hiding in the deep recesses of the closet just before bed time. He has the gift of invisibility, but makes himself known about 4 am by complaining about his accommodations and after demanding a full refund (he pays in advance via slaughtered rodents), expecting himself to be released back into the house where he and Bam-Bam stage protests, riots and sometimes love-ins for the remainder of the evening. I'm thinking they may even produce a dramatic play on occasion.
Because of all this cat nonsense, I thought that the mewing that I heard outside my bedroom window a few nights ago was just another annoying cat trick. However, it was annoying enough that I got out of bed to chase any visitor cats away. However, nothing was seen when I peered out the door into the darkness. I went back to bed and just as I relaxed once more, the mewing started again. I got up and looked out the window that is just beside the bed, but the sound had stopped again. I laid back down, snuggled up again to the man, and again, I hear mewing. I tried to ignore it. It got louder. I noticed that not only was it louder, it was becoming quite rhythmic. After a few more mews, I realized it was NOT a kitty cat, but James's NOSE. He was doing an amazing job of impersonating a kitten, if I do say so, but after a couple of punches (mild ones) he rolled over and sleep finally ensued.
One reason that James's late night complaining sent me into a mini rage, is that he is the king, the sultan, the absolute ruler of night-time drama. He snorts, chortles, wheezes, kicks, laughs, talks, jerks and possibly levitates at night. Often, he will sit up and have a good laugh at the dead TV, and then quickly lie down again, resuming his flouncing and kicking.
After one particularly exasperating night of his nonsense, I was finally able to settle down and through sheer will power was ignoring his endless parade of dramatic acoustics and twitching, fall asleep. Just as I was experiencing a peaceful floating feeling, I felt James sit up and lean over me. I assumed it was to grab a tum off of my end table. I assumed wrongly, because when he was about 3 inches from my face, he screamed as if he had been lit on fire at the top of his lungs! He then sat bolt up right, screamed some more before turning to his own end table and began beating the tar out of it- while also screaming at it as well. Suddenly, he seemed pretty satisfied with himself and laid down and IMMEDIATELY began mild and peaceful snoring.
Meanwhile, I knew for sure I had found Jesus because I fully felt I was physically arriving in heaven at any second. I was unable to move for quite a few minutes while I wondered if he would be arrested and tried for manslaughter or murder when they found my completely white haired mortal remains in the morning. I also wondered, in case I wasn't dead, if any jury would convict me if I did him in right then and there.
Fortunately, we both survived, and I can live on to tell about it. But, if I'm waking him up on a rare occasion with my lady like snoring... well, let's just say he owes me one.