Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Magical thinking or manifesting energy

Weird random thought for the day... For your amusement. "Aliens- they getting busy."  
Seriously it came to me in a session and sort of made me think, hmmmm.  
I'm getting too far out 
there, I know. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I "felt" a weird rumble today - usually that denotes earthquakes, but it was stronger and a little different. No idea how to interpret it - except it would likely be about something pertaining to earth stuff. Or-- maybe just a fluke. Just sharing for your amusement. 

Friday, September 6, 2013


I wonder if ET aliens might be as different from us, as we are from dolphins or even bees.  I wonder if what would be valuable to us might be utterly incomprehensible to them. I wonder if we might be insignificant... Or be seen as a threat- in same way that a one tiny germ was once seen in connection to a human body. I wonder how many generations we would need to be observed in order to be understood or respected or even liked... Can they feel what i feel? I wonder if we would need to be "tamed."  I wonder how afraid we would be if what is imagined became reality. I wonder how long it would take before someone found a way to exploit that reality for personal gain.  I wonder if we would make them gods or devils - or just folk of a different kind. I wonder if they are here, mingling even breeding with us- creating a hybrid human who doesn't recognize their roots it doesn't get why they are so different. Maybe they would have the purpose of being a living unknowing probe. I wonder if we could ever be friends with them when we can barely tolerate someone who believes differently than we do. I wonder if they do communicate with anyone who is willing to listen. I wonder if they make art or leave messages in crop fields. I wonder if they visit us while we sleep. I wonder if they experience my pain. I wonder if they are at war with others of their own kind or those of other places. I wonder if earth could be a prize to the winner. I wonder if we might be an extraterrestrial pit stop or tourist trap. Maybe we are being observed as we hurtle headlong into the proverbial hell in a hand basket. Maybe they don't care at all. Maybe they want to save us. Maybe they have an agenda utterly of their own and maybe it's not a out us at all. 
I just wonder..