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angela is an interfaith minister, ordained through Universal Brotherhood

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"She's the real deal.." George Noory, Coast to Coast am

MEDIA EXCERPTS She is a woman with a sweet calming voice... She possesses an ever-present smile... she has a gift she wants to share with the world.
 Renee Cagle Morganton, News Herald 11/9/1997 (AP)...

if you speak to the Rev. Angela Moore, be prepared to have your life examined on a very personal level. Nathan Hall, McDowell News 6/20/2000.. 

she comes into the room like a lot of southern women.. quick, determined and smiling as she begins what will be an hour of rapid fire intuition.. so energetic, I forgot to take notes.
 Ragan Robinson, McDowell News 6/12/2003

She has a distinctive southern accent, which charms and disarms. She starts sentences with
I'm not making this up and finishes with That's non-negotiable, and I ain't taking that back.
Susan Reinhardt Asheville Citizen-Times 8/31/06

Angela Moore could be your sister, your next-door-neighbor, your mom. And in as matter-of fact way as if she were giving you a recipe for butternut-squash casserole, the Marion resident will tell you that a very large, light-infused spirit is perched just behind your body as you sit in a restaurant at the Asheville Mall. In any case, she made a believer out of me. Marsha Barber, Mountain X-press, 9/7/04  

Recently, she has used her abilities to heal others. Mike Conley, McDowell News 8/6/06

Angela Moore was incredible. I had never seen a psychic perform before. The audience loved her. Haunted Hickory organizer Eddie Price

Over the past years, Angela Moore has been our featured program speaker at various gatherings we hold here at Laughing Heart Lodge in North Carolina. Angela is one of our most popular speakers and readers. She is able to give mini readings to a room full of fascinated people and accurately connect with their past, present and future selves. Angela infuses each talk with humor and enthusiasm and a great deal of wisdom. We are grateful for her presence and for her amazing gifts.

References from radio program directors:....
Angela has an amazing ability to relate with those that are seeking guidance from her. On the air, she comes across as a caring soul, who is in touch with many souls, both living and those that have left us.
Brian Hall Director Of News/Talk Programming Clear Channel Asheville...

we've been using Angela Moore for the last 6 years here at kicks 103.3, WKVS-fm in Lenoir NC.. - I recommend Angela Moore to any radio station anywhere. DAVY CROCKETT, PROGRAM DIRECTOR 
WKVS-FM, KICKS 103.3, LENOIR N.C. 28645...

Angela Moore has been appearing on WNCW Thursday mornings for more than a year.  Angela has a very comfortable and professional demeanor on air, while retaining a folksy-ness that makes even the most esoteric subject matter palatable. I highly recommend her to you
Kim Clark, Program Director, WNCW-FM Spindale, NC

FROM AUTHOR NANCETTA LILES:Angela, you have amazed me with so much since we first met a few years back.You will recall that I first met you when I was interviewing psychics in aneffort to create a believable psychic for the novel I was writing: Flint House.You were my first and last interview – Angela Moore immediatelybecame the psychic soul of Flint House (and thanks for letting me call herAngela Moore – that’s even more special).I want to share with your reader’s one of the ways you have helped me withyour gift. I want to talk about the time you saved the life of one of myhorses. I had taken a client to you – part of the book research where theyagreed to allow me to watch you work. We were sitting there when yousuddenly turned to me and said “You have a spotted horse”. Now you had neverbeen to my home, and even though you knew I had horses (I believe you toldme about my having horses the day I met you). And I have never shared photosor told you anything specific about any of my pet horses. Yet you knew Ihave an extremely spotted Appaloosa.I had grown used to your knowing stuff, so I just confirmed that I have aspotted horse named Winston. You looked at and said (and I can quote youword for word) “His right hind foot is hurting really bad”. The look on yourface was so serious that I wanted to comfort you! I told you that he hadstepped on a broken bottle in my pasture and the glass went up into hisfetlock and he was being treated daily with IV injections for a rarecondition brought on by inflammation of his muscles. You shook your headwith vigor and put your hand up and told me he wasn’t being treated for theright thing. I tried to assure you that my veterinarian was coming out twicea day and doing all she could for him. You shook your head harder and said“I want you to listen to me.” You then told me Winston had something thatwas up in  his bone and you thought it was infected in there and I needed toget another doctor to see him before it was too late.My vet came out the next morning and I told her about what you said. Shesaid “Nancie, I believe in that stuff.” She set me up to take Winston to theUniversity of Tennessee that day and Winston was seen as an emergency by theveterinary orthopedist. They started with x-rays and quickly went toultrasound and an MRI. The diagnosis was a bit of glass that had wedged upby a tendon and had pierced the bone, and there was such a bad infection inthe bone that it was to a point of being almost hollow. The doctorrecommended I put him down right then (a horse can’t make it on three legs).I had lost a young foal at the University just a month before, and I couldnot bring myself to put him down. The vet sent me home with massiveantibiotics and pain killers. He told me that would get Winston throughwhile I made peace with what was to come.Once we had the right diagnosis, my local veterinarian (Mickey Coleman)attacked the problem aggressively. Winston is alive and well. Dr. Coleman isconvinced that if we waited even another day treating the wrong problem itwould have been too late.Angela, you are always amazing. This is only one story I frequently tellwhen speaking of you. Thank you for Winston – and so much more.Nancie Liles (and Winston)

In Asheville, thirty-seven people showed up, all hoping for a glimpse into tomorrow and beyond. the best expert on the future may likely be a psychic with a well-documented track record. That is why Angela Moore, a locally well-known and reputable psychic, was invited as the guest speaker for the June 5 meeting. and at the end, many were convinced Ms. Moore had provided exactly that. As far as anyone could remember, the turnout was the largest the history of the French Broad chapter. Angela interspersed personality profiles with prophecy for well over an hour . PS- One of our Mensans scheduled an individual session with Angela after seeing her in action at the meeting. As she walked into the office, Angela stated that there was a strong Sagittarian male spirit with her and she was receiving the name Bill. Since the member's deceased husband was born on December 5, making him a Sagittarian, and his name was Billy, it was an impressive way to begin the session.