Thursday, September 25, 2014

old story for fun. Important to maintain balance in ALL areas of one's life

It began as the same old Wal-Mart shopping trip going on as usual until we arrived at the electronic section. James was looking for a cell phone holder and I was seeking out a new headset.  Well, James was squatting down scanning the bottom shelf when I happened to see what I was looking for right beside him. I put my hand on his shoulder as I lowered myself down to be eye level with the object I desired.Well, I have to say I am not as small as when we were first married and he may not be as steady either as I sent him toppling over backwards. Of course when he went over, I lost my shoulder grip so I went on down too. I tried to land in a semi-dignified squat but naturally that did not happen. I landed with a thud and rolled on back too. At this point, poor James ( who is easily mortified) took hold of my shoulder in order to right himself evidently unaware that the law of gravity was still having it's way with me. Instead of heaving himself forward, he merely hastened my descent on back until I was nearly flat on my back-- where he was sent into tumbling backwards part 2. Actually, I was only nearly flat, as it is not possible to be flat if your shoulders are forward and your knees are drawn up so that you actually look like some sort of deranged armadillo. Well, not to be outdone, I grabbed hold of my man, and since he had only achieved a semi squat all I accomplished was to set him back on his behind and completed his trilogy of falling part 3. At this point, I had the clarity of mind to recall fire safety tips and stopped, dropped and rolled to my side until I managed to get control of my physical functions which until that moment I feared had totally escaped me. I finally managed to obtain a sitting position. James had regained a nonchalant squatting pose and was staring intently at the products ahead evidently pretending that he had no concept of whom I was and in fact was only partially aware that I was even there at all. Meanwhile, I tried to look as though it was perfectly natural if not preferable to sit on the floor while shopping for phone paraphernalia. I was thinking that at least we were not disgraced publicly as the aisle was empty until I heard the concerned wal-mart employee beside me inquire,  "M'am, is there anyway I can do to help you?"  I sighed and just told her, "no thanks."

presentation and radio appearance

I'll be on Coast 2 Coast with George Nory Oct. 3rd. I expect I will be discussing vision of world events.  More info as I get it concerning this.

I will speak on a variety of subjects (spirits, past lives, guides, alien beings, future events etc) as the energy of the audience (and spirit!) directs me. Audience participation welcome.  This Presentation, like all previous presentations, will be casual, lively, and free... tho donations are greatly and gratefully appreciated as it is only through your generosity that I am able to continue my work. I hope you will come and please share with anyone who may be interested.  ***Please email or message me so if you are coming as there is a space limit. I hope to see you there!****

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

current energy plus visions

As I think I said a month so so ago, Sept was likely going to be a turning point for world, and I feel that recent events reflect that.
I am thinking the next few weeks will be about who we know, how we know them, and in general, could be a good time for making friends, professional networking, rethinking relationships etc.  Romance is favored, but emotions could be very close to the surface and people may be extra sensitive. Bubble baths are favored as are walks in woods, beaches or other natural settings.
Okay, here are my visions, but you can just stop reading now if you wish as they are sort of awful... or not... just something I see.  I don't know how valid it is, so don't worry about it.
First, a couple of weeks ago, I "see" a city below me. It is surrounded, at least on one side, by mountains (not heavily forested), and I am sure a desert is nearby.  I "see" coyotes coming down from hills and in from desert, all are converging on the city. The coyotes are very large, very hungry and very determined -- and of course are symbolic of something else, I'm sure. The coyote is the trickster, a type of lone wolf.. smart, determined, fierce.. etc.
Ok, the next vision was today. I "see" `a blue sky but there are birds circling. I stare at them and while I think they are hawks, I realize they are vultures.
Well, on that happy note, I will leave this now with you.
In general, maybe it is time to enjoy your life, be happy and help others. Good will return to you I'm sure.

strange experience from a long time ago

this happened:
It happened a very long time ago on a dark and stormy night.  okay, actually it was dark, but not at all stormy.  i was driving my car toward my home on about a quarter mile down on Reid St, in Marion, when my headlights shone on what seemed to be a waving figure on the side of the road.  However.... It was a figure of a young man who seemed to be protruding only half way up from the ground! He was shirtless, grinning big and waving while his body, from waist down, seemed to be totally underground, tho there was no obvious disturbance of the soil nor grass around him.  His body seemed to glow in the glare of my headlights, as he grinned and waved one arm in my direction.   I can still see him in my mind's eye, his mop of dark brown hair thick on his head, his expression delirious as he grinned and waved wildly. Naturally i was greatly startled and swerved away from him, (which was too my left, tho there was no other traffic coming, thankfully.) I was so scared, and of course, my first thought was "demon!" but I was determined to control my fear and decided it had to be some kind of nut playing a rude game.   It made me so angry as I felt the prankster could have caused me to lose control of my car.  I figured that he was just sitting in a ditch, and was creating the illusion of emerging from the ground somehow.  I was so upset that i called the law to report him as not only could the idiot cause me to wreck, but could have been struck himself.  The next day, I drove by the area to see exactly where and how he had done his act.  To my surprise, there was NO ditch, NO culvert, NO disturbed earth... NOTHING.  There was only neatly clipped grass for the whole stretch of roadway.  For years afterwards,  and actually to this day, I look at the place where i saw this figure and wonder what or who i saw.  There IS a ditch there now, as I had just assumed there was then. All i know is: i know what i saw, it was terrifying and I doubt i will ever forget it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

for your amusement, an old (silly) story about my husband and a dog named spike.

another old story for your amusement:
James does odd jobs. The latest job was the oddest of all: he had taken employment from spike, the 40 lb. beagle.Oh, James didn't know whom he would be working for at first. He naively believed that he would be doing housework, light repair jobs, etc. and believed he may need to walk a dog or two, but little did he realize he would be heeding spike the dog's commands. James and I went over to meet spike and his companion, Sally the Dalmatian, and they were just as nice as could be in front of their humans. I did notice that spike was rolling his eyes just a bit. Apparently he was mildly disgusted at the mere idea of having someone in the house while his mistress was away, but decided he would soon put a stop to this nonsense. Maybe he figured the money spent on James could be put to better uses, like buying himself better snacks, or more frequent treats. I did mention that he weighed 40 lbs., right?  The day came when poor James had to report to work. Sally and spike met him at the door barking loudly. James responded by talking to them nicely and continued to enter the house. He gave Sally a nice leathery treat, which she took and went to her room. You could tell that she sort felt she was selling out, but a treat is a treat, so she decided to let it go. Spike was more determined to put James out, so James whipped out an especially nice doggy biscuit. Spike took it, but you have never seen a dog so torn. Part of him wanted to attack and dislodge this unwelcome guest, but the greed was more that he could bear.                                                      He felt so guilty, that after consuming his treat, he decided to double up his efforts and began to snarl and snap. James didn't want to push his luck, so Spike got another treat. Spike realized that he was on to something. James proceeded to clean spike's home. Spike proceeded to follow him about the place inspecting every detail of work, flinging insults and criticism at every turn. When Spike's comments turned particularly nasty, he accepted another yet another, and then another treat that would placate him. Finally, James had to remove an old air conditioner from the basement. Now, spike had had just about enough. He already had to stand by while James had pillaged and plundered about the whole house, but removing this possibly valuable item was more than he was willing to stand for. He lunged at James' leg. Fortunately, a box of dry cat food was handy and James scattered it about the floor. Being a neat and tidy dog, spike was compelled to call off the attack and clean up every piece giving James just enough time to drag the thing outside to safety. Spike hurled several rude comments through the screen door expressing his extreme displeasure at this unfortunate turn of events. He decided to fire James on the spot and perhaps even sue him. Sally had joined him by now, having finished her chewy goody, and while she was not having much to say, she snubbed James wholeheartedly by refusing to make eye contact no matter how much he tried to get on her good side.James was sort of relieved that spike fired him. Spike is too hard to please and probably should just save his money for better snacks and treats. After all, he only weighs 40 lbs.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

an older story-- for your amusement

The other day I lost a bit of money, most likely in a parking lot.  It is upsetting but that is the way it goes, it's gone, and I am over it. I was wondering where it could be and began to question if perhaps I had a mischievous sprite playing a naughty game.
The next day, my daughter required me to bring her a can of soup and some ginger ale as she had been sick the night before. I had a can of soup in the cupboard so I just stuck it in my pocketbook and left for her apartment with her step dad. I stopped at a store and got ginger ale and ice.  On the way over, I said to James. If this money was stolen by a sprite rather than by my own carelessness, I am asking for it to be returned in a way that really gets my attention-- like years before when something was returned in a startling way. I said it would be fun if that happened as nothing much seems to happen anymore like that.
  We arrived at Jayme's place and when I looked in my purse-- no soup. I KNOW I put it in there. Still, I think I am losing it lately, so I wonder if I just thought I brought it. I carried in the ginger ale, made a promise to bring soup over after breakfast at the waffle house (a sunday tradition). While I carried in the drink, James went thru my purse and confirmed the soup was not in there. It is a small purse, not that much room in there.
    We had breakfast, but I left my purse locked in car. When we returned to the car, I glanced down and you guessed it: the soup was in my purse, right at the top-- I did not even have to open my pocketbook all the way to see it, it was, as I said, RIGHT AT THE TOP.
I am thinking, that the message is, NO, we did not steal your money, but we did hear you and here is the fun that you requested.
AND IT WAS FUN. I'm glad to know they are still about and still listen.

Cleansing energy demo

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

For your amusement

So. I was in car, eating this sandwich (ok it was a Big Mac) with shredded lettuce on it when a phone call from my kids dad came in. Since he was returning my call and I only needed to say "never mind earlier message," I went ahead and answered right away. Just at that moment, however, a bit (a glob) of mayo and lettuce made it's way under my bottom partial. This somehow caused my fake teeth to pop up half way loose into my mouth -which led me to trying to push them back in place  with my tongue in order to speak (as my other hand was busy holding onto my food). This led me  to try and say "never mind" so I could attend to things- but now my partial had twisted totally and bizarrely sideways in my mouth and lettuce and mayo was spewing everywhere. all I could say was something  like "gawk-- gak--- hhaaaaumph"etc. I dropped phone to fix things but before I could, said lettuce glob had been forced to back of throat and was partially hanging onto my uvula. This caused gagging, flailing and mental cursing as all I could verbalize was something along lines of "gaaaa ---gack-aarrrr" which translates to "for gosh sakes help me, I'm choking to death." Meanwhile, James Moore was sitting right beside me, paying zero attention. Niece Lisa was in car beside mine, also enjoying a sandwich and paying only mild attention. My ex. Husband Could be heard on phone- "what? What? What did you need? Say again?" As I tried to answer! Finally teeth flew out lettuce et all went down the hatch. During all this, James didn't raise an eyebrow and Lisa Davis Boyd lost even mild interest immediately.. which begs the question- is this how I normally appear when I eat?? I wonder.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OK, this happened. 
Last night, I awoke to feeling (not of alarm, just a feeling) of someone in my room. I glanced over to James' side of the bed and saw who I assumed to be my son, Dustin Whitesides, standing there and watched him turn to walk away. I assumed he had came in for some tums which are on James Moore night stand, as he has done that twice before. I braced myself for an onslaught of barking as Martin will not tolerate stealing, trespassing nor the sight of Dusty. I turned my head in order to continue watching him leave, hoping that he and or Dusty would remain silent when I realized.. the figure had disappeared.  My room is not that dark, and the figure while "dusty sized," was slightly illuminated white/gray. I assumed he looked that way due to the bit of light coming in thru windows and my sleepy eyes. Regardless of my sleepiness, I know what i saw and I saw it for more than a few seconds.  I waited a minute and got up to go to bathroom and found Dusty up and doing laundry.  He had not been in our room at all.  so.  go figure. as i said, that happened.