Wednesday, September 24, 2014

strange experience from a long time ago

this happened:
It happened a very long time ago on a dark and stormy night.  okay, actually it was dark, but not at all stormy.  i was driving my car toward my home on about a quarter mile down on Reid St, in Marion, when my headlights shone on what seemed to be a waving figure on the side of the road.  However.... It was a figure of a young man who seemed to be protruding only half way up from the ground! He was shirtless, grinning big and waving while his body, from waist down, seemed to be totally underground, tho there was no obvious disturbance of the soil nor grass around him.  His body seemed to glow in the glare of my headlights, as he grinned and waved one arm in my direction.   I can still see him in my mind's eye, his mop of dark brown hair thick on his head, his expression delirious as he grinned and waved wildly. Naturally i was greatly startled and swerved away from him, (which was too my left, tho there was no other traffic coming, thankfully.) I was so scared, and of course, my first thought was "demon!" but I was determined to control my fear and decided it had to be some kind of nut playing a rude game.   It made me so angry as I felt the prankster could have caused me to lose control of my car.  I figured that he was just sitting in a ditch, and was creating the illusion of emerging from the ground somehow.  I was so upset that i called the law to report him as not only could the idiot cause me to wreck, but could have been struck himself.  The next day, I drove by the area to see exactly where and how he had done his act.  To my surprise, there was NO ditch, NO culvert, NO disturbed earth... NOTHING.  There was only neatly clipped grass for the whole stretch of roadway.  For years afterwards,  and actually to this day, I look at the place where i saw this figure and wonder what or who i saw.  There IS a ditch there now, as I had just assumed there was then. All i know is: i know what i saw, it was terrifying and I doubt i will ever forget it.