Monday, March 22, 2010

thanks to all who came out friday+current energy

thanks to those of you who came out friday. It was good to see all of you. I received a very nice email from an audience member. she said: You were spectacular last night! You looked so beautiful in your coral, sparkly shirt. You have found the hair cut for you. You look thirty five with it. Here's a random example of how good you are. Last night before I left for Old Fort I said to Nanny "something is wrong with my tooth and my gum around the tooth. It's been bothering me for days" I then ask her to look at it. Last night when you were ending and picking up on your last messages you said "someone on this side of the room is having a problem with there tooth and gum!! Come on, no one can just make this stuff up!!!! I need that, as I often worry that I am just full of it-- so I so much appreciate when people say stuff like that. See-- even with all my suggestions-- I, like many of you, still struggle with feelings of self worth and doubt. It is human nature, I guess, and a reminder to focus on what is positive and to carry on, even when we might wonder why we should do that. The energy for the next few days, maybe weeks, could be sudden-like, when things apt to change on a moments notice. pay attention to your driving (or to the other guy's driving) as attention spans may be noticably shorter. Romance is favored, if it is not allowed to become overwhelming. Sleep could be an issue for many of us. travel is favored, but early starts are highly suggested.

recent painting in progress

Tuesday, March 9, 2010