Friday, August 29, 2014

Today, I felt an unusual energy- like there had been a world turning point. So- I tell you for no real reason- just FYI.  I expect people might be easily distracted right now, so try and pay attention to avoid mishaps. Health/wellness should be highlighted, and balance (head/heart/gut) is important as always- more so perhaps. One can't always control every aspect of life. Sometimes it's nice to just breathe and let go for a while. I  feeling dreams may be taking on added significance right now. A dream journal might be useful. Don't over analyze anything tho as the temptation to do so could be strong. I'm wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maybe no big deal..

Feels like something is fixing to blow. Maybe that volcano in news or maybe someone's temper- but just felt it pass thru. Usually when I feel stuff it happens between right now and couple of days.  ----But longer it takes - bigger the deal.  That I have noticed. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Personal energy field

Keep on walking when challenged (bed of coals)

Yesterday I said on FB  that I felt landslides.  I said this to someone during a session at 1:30. I see this, this morning on huff post Rescue Workers Search For Survivors After Landslides Hit Near Hiroshima
So I'm guessing this is what i felt. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Alien thought

This just in:  (my head)

I was reminded of saying this stuff randomly a long time ago at various times - but it just came together so I have to say it as I will forget it most likely, as I often do. It's about alien energy.  1st they travel in color
2nd they travel thru thought 
3rd they hide in the light. 
Please don't expect an explanation - I'm sharing for no reason really except for your amusement and/edification. Feel free to ignore. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

vision:  did i tell you about the "vision" i saw at the movies 2-3 weeks ago, while waiting for movie (guardians of universe, very good) to begin? usually with me, these type visions bear out ...some may in time... but i hesitate to talk about them as they are incomplete and sometimes scary, and therefore, unduly alarming. yet... i wonder if i am supposed to share them else, why have them? so.  here you go. stop reading now... also.. i don't know time so, it could be very far away and maybe averted.
I "see" a city far below me.  I think it is.. or is LIKE.. NYC... a big city.  I know it is to be bombed, and it is making me afraid. I feel/know Russia, (I love Russian people, so I don't mean disrespect to any country) is behind it.  It feels surprising as i know that would be crazy, mutually assured destruction on both sides after all.. crazy.. yet, it is what i saw and felt and it felt the city was defenseless.  NOW>>>> maybe it is just craziness... alternate reality, someone's thought form, or whatever.  maybe the city was in Ukraine, that makes sense.. just felt like U.S.
ok, don't hate me for sharing this stuff. what do i know.

for your amusement (paranormal)

This happened: Yesterday about 2 pm I was walking past a truck (owned by lady i know, and yes, she knows, and knows to "cleanse" it) when I saw a figure inside the truck.  I was startled and I "jumped" as there was no one in the truck 1 minute earlier. In a split second I assumed it was likely to be owner's friend, so I glanced back in to speak, (fixing to say that I was startled) when I saw a figure like no other figure I have ever seen. It was like a 3-dimensional shadow figure of a human.. but with NO features.  NO nose, ears, hair... like an image of a man wearing a dark gray/black body stocking. It seem to be facing straight ahead. I literally yelped and stepped back. When I looked back, it was gone. I stood there a few more seconds staring into the truck, trying to figure out what I could have mistakenly seen or imagined. There was nothing. I saw what I saw, and I am sharing for your amusement. I feel, I know, that it is a paranormal hitchhiker, likely rooted in the place by the river where truck was parked.  so, as i said, just sharing.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

a message?

A prophecy? Did I ever tell you this? For some reason, it has come to my mind and I think I am supposed to tell you.  You can ignore right now if you wish.
Once, many years ago, I was up in Linville Falls, literally standing inside a cracked boulder, when i felt the spirit of the mountain... or maybe great spirit?  I felt like I was was  receiving a message. It was a very strange feeling, like no other I have felt before. I started to tell my friend what I was hearing, but oddly, she could not understand me...tho one word was remembered at the time- but sorry-- no more. I thought I was speaking in plain English, but she said it was totally not a language she knew. However, I did recall the word at the time and I did find it was in fact Cherokee- tho i do not recall what it meant... again, sorry, i digress.  I do know, when I was in this "state" I kept feeling that I was speaking with "Grandfather."  I have had that feeling of a "Grandfather" when on rocks in certain places before, but not like this. Anyway, here is what I thought I was repeating, and what I am repeating now.  "When the mountains start to walk, then you will know the end times have begun."
So, there you go.  Maybe I told you already, but if so, here you go again.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

For your amusement

I posted this on FB but here it is for your amusement. Dylan is my 5 year old grandson. He calls me GG, and my husband "batman." (Aka poppy) this is a typical day/post. 

James should not babysit as I feel certain that he is insane. The boy decides that he needs to paint.  James, in his bizarre wisdom decides to let him paint a cardboard box, but not with my art paint...nooooo.. but but regular latex wall paint and a mini roller. yep. that's what i said. so they go to deck where james can relax and boy can paint.  so... box is painted then dylan decides to paint the deck gate and post (and floor etc) when James (aka batman) tells him that GG might get mad if she sees that.  So, Dylan asks if batman might say it was his idea... taking heat off him. (like i wouldn't blame batman anyway).  James/batman agrees. Dylan is not assured, so when batman is not looking, Dylan paints him, batman, a good swipe or two on his shirt/neck/head.... so that it appears james/batman has been the one making said mess-- completing the frame up job. I honestly think that they are 2 of a kind.  (batman didn't get angry in case you're wondering)

Surface change or inner one?

    For what it's worth, I seem to be feeling September energy lately. I wish I could say why, but I'm not sure. Maybe it will be a time of getting to work in order to get things done. The focus may be on wellness, security and money/work concerns.  Perhaps world events could take a turn... or maybe a turn already taken becomes more apparent.
    Meanwhile, it's a time of change in general.. people may be acting out (as is already happening), anxiety could be high, it could be a time of short tempers, then regret, but finding courage and strength when needed.  Mechanical things could be troublesome. Money could be a bit "feast or famine" and romantic temptations might abound. It could be a time of play, taking risks, and last minute vacationing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My reality show for (myself) idea - ( maybe because I have too much time on my hands) "hillbilly psychic"
Episodes (strange, spiritual as well as FUNNY) of my life (and James) are reenacted, perhaps -with me narrating/speaking to camera) at intervals. Each episode has a few words at end that summarize lessons learned.  
A bizarre cross between celebrity ghost stories, modern family, Seinfeld. (Niece lisa said also Sanford and son lol) It can't be some rehash of someone else's show and it has to be entertaining in order to be palatable.   It has to be a true reflection of us.  Maybe yet another producer will  show up and follow thru. (Pass this idea along if u know any!)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Just saw myself on netflix. Just so you know- in reality - I was discussing a dream! Lol (or at least I think it was!) "alien abduction" is name of movie. i think i might bear a resemblance to Jabba the Hutt in closing scenes. lol

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bear Vision

  A few years ago, I mentioned on coast to coast that I "saw" a bear like being, a bear but not a bear... speaking to a man. The bear was saying that an "agreement" had been broken and that this was a warning. I think that is how I put it. I thought at the time that this was in reference to the injury we have inflicted on nature. Now, I think, it was about Russia. I have found that sometimes my visions take a long time to occur in this reality, but it also seems, the longer they take, the bigger the deal, so to speak. I am remembering this and feeling that maybe it is about current events developing in the world now. I am also feeling changes in the world could intensify or speed up in winter.
  Oh, by the way. In 2012 I did feel that it was possible (not absolute) that a sun flare could bring a lot of trouble for the planet, and maybe a need to be safe rather than sorry. I did share this with folks. I see now that NASA has said we just missed being hit by a flare in 2012 that would have been devastating. It's good to know I was not so wrong after all. anyway...
  I am simply sharing this info for your amusement and/or edification.

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Twice this week, I was was awakened by a very strong - but wonderful- floral fragrance.  Strong smells usually upset me, but this was just so nice. I thought at first, it was a bottle of my perfumed oils that i have.. that the cat may have knocked them over... but then I remembered they were in my office- not on my vanity. I checked later, just in case, and they were still closed.  James had not opened them nor had any scent out at all. It made me happy. I think it was  "visit" from someone very good.  I think a lot of folks have had similar experiences.