Tuesday, June 21, 2016

current energy

I expect people to be more emotional than usual, restless, sometimes a little fearful.. but also ready to laugh a little- or a lot- too. Cautious behavior is a good thing in our current climate, but so is family, fun and living our lives fully. Money matters will need to be weighed carefully. Melancholy could be on agenda as we reflect on our past a bit too long. We may have our mom's on our mind a bit in general. We may find that impulsiveness is likely in our more emotional friends. Moodiness is likely if we let our emotions get carried away... and some of us will be doing that. Health is important to keep in check. I do feel that Russia is becoming even more interested in our corner of the world.. so the bear is waking. I do feel that people who are crazy are going to be even crazier. Earth, well, the Earth mourns for the blood that has been shed by her children.. she weeps for the loss of her own soul. well. that was weird, but hey, there you go. Travel is likely of course, but if not possible, a restless spirit is likely to affect us.. .if we are not hiding in our home. I guess i am saying that people are going to be one extreme then another over next bit and it's good to be balanced. (and king. always, it's good to be king. lol)
While some will give into fear and hide, a lot more will be acting out on whatever emotion is in there heart at any given time. so, take care of your corner of the world as best you can and don't get out of balance if possible.. and save your money if you can, because urge to spend impulsively could be high. ok, you can of course as usual, ignore this.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My lighter side- more personal and silliness on my FB page. 

What I have learned about myself within past couple of days:
1) My things will disappear and reappear randomly and without warning in ways that are not seemingly possible.  I am pretty sure that is is because I'm followed by a portable void that absorbs, then randomly restores my belongings.  
2) If  someone leaves a grocery bag on a counter while my bag is also on grocery counter, I WILL carry that bag home with me. 
3) Conversely, If I do not see my purchase on counter, I will leave it behind for pick up at a future date. 
4)  Going into a store in order to obtain a specific object will in no way guarantee that said object will indeed be obtained.  In fact, it is much more likely that multiple trips will be involved over a course of 2-3 days before success is achieved.  
6) Allowing batman (aka poppy) to play with Dylan alone will likely end in said child mysteriously covered in house paint and mud. 
7) My hair looks best when styled by rain and wind. 
So. There you go. I'm sure there's more to learn.