Monday, October 5, 2015

vision:  I'm sure this is symbolic, but seemed important and I think I'm supposed to share it. As usual, don't worry about it, just something I "saw" is all. I see wild animals, prey and predator, running away up a mountain from what I think is a fire.  There is a clearing there and they seem to all seek safety here, huddled up together. The prey animals.. specifically a deer, is not afraid of the mountain lion as it knows it is not a danger to it right now-- they are both trying to find safety together.
so, there you go.
also... see sheep/goats fleeing woods.. they didn't belong in there no way, but I am confused as to why they are running away.
Ok, yes, I know, I'm getting weirder daily.  just delete/ignore and get on with your life if you wish. i probably would, lol.