Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Russia is up to something. Weird vibe just now in session. 

Right now

I think sudden change, emotional outbursts or feelings rising to surface and travel are all highlighted right now- some for obvious reasons. But "unexpectedness energy" is highlighted as well. 
Try to be cautious, pay attention to whatever is going on around you and maintain balance. Risk taking is highlighted but don't overdo gambling impulse. Luck - being in right place at right time- is favored. 
Try not to get caught up in other people's anxiety. Try to not overspend as that will be issue if one is not careful (again, obvious reasons)
Laughter is best remedy for a lot of what ails you- and humor could be a calming influence as well. 
Ok. That's it for now. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

For your amusement

So in middle of night I see the floor lamp which is directly beside front door is on. I am thinking maybe night owl son dusty is upstairs and so I go to turn it off. It has a hateful switch so I sort of had to bend down and get under it so I could see the knob-- at which point I see the door is slightly ajar and realize dusty is outside. Just at that moment, he walked in-- sees a figure all bent up under the light. All I hear is "oh my God" as the door slams shut.  It was Totally unintentional but I can't quit laughing about it. It was worse first time it happened, when I had no idea he was outside, standing in doorway. He was sneaking a cigarette, standing quietly in the night with his back to the doorway. I had decided to open door and let some air in and had no idea he would be standing there. So- upon opening door and seeing a tall figure looming there I loudly let out a yelp and dusty nearly fainted. Lol life at the Moore's. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Devil knows how to open doors too

The title of next book will be: "adventures of a hillbilly psychic." Just FYI.
So you know you are spending too much time with dogs when
A: you find yourself throwing bits of food on floor when you are at a restaurant.
B: you find yourself spelling words so that your dog doesn't know your plans.
C: you roll over in your bed and 2 dogs fall out. 

D: That horrible moment when your dog gives you a big wet kiss on the cheek and you catch the unmistakable aroma of cat poop... arrrrrrggghhh