Monday, September 28, 2009

new steps

starting a new journey is hard, but exciting. falling down happens, but you have to get up and go again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

james said--

james said, upon viewing my video, that i was, and i quote: "like the cute groundhog everyone wants to take home for a pet." really, a cute groundhog??? lol, you got to love him. okay, if you are in charleston, ride the thriller speedboat... big fun, but big wet too.. i told them i would recommend it.

weird evp


A long time ago, I accidentally recorded myself a while back while trying to record my kids on a video camera. When I heard myself, I had to laugh but I was also appalled as I sounded so mean and awful! I had been told that I could be sort of forbidding due to my facial expressions, which shocked me greatly as I was so sensitive as to be ridiculous. However, now I see how my fear and shyness, as well as my "mom" voice could create an impression that was not truly reflective of who I was. From that point, I sincerely tried to cultivate a pleasant voice and expression. After doing that, I began to get a different response from people-- people began to feel positive toward me and I was able to reciprocate in kind, rather than wonder why people did not seem to like me so much. Do you know, I once saw a lady who also looked so glum that you wanted to run away from her before she bit your head off. Then, low and behold, one day I saw her smile-- how her whole being changed. She looked so much younger too. It was amazing how her whole energy field changed, just because of a smile. I wanted to respond to her in a positive way, and I did. Take time to notice how you present yourself to others so that you can perhaps get even better feedback too.

boiled peanuts, anyone?

I am feeling that now is the time for second chances. If there is something you wish to do, but have not done so due to fear or other reasons, now may be the time to make that desire come true. Someone once said, God is a God of second chances, and I am certain that is true. Sometimes, we let fear get in the way of things, and we get so used to being afraid the we do not recognize it as such. Sometimes, we have to remember to try some things again in order to see if things have changed. this does not apply to returning to an abusive situation, so do use common sense about this, but sometimes, we grow and change and what did not reflect us or "fit" us at one time may do so now. A long time ago, I decided to try boiled peanuts on the way to the beach. They were advertised everywhere and tho it sounds awful, I felt I should try them. Well, I did, and I thought they were absolutely HORRIBLE! I gagged and carried on for a while. I hated everything about them and cursed them and everyone who boiled them. A few years later, for some unfathomable reason, I decided to try them again. At first try, I started to gag again, but my daughter said they were a lot like pintos, my favorite bean. So, I sucked it up and gave one a try. I LOVED them! I thought that they were the best treat EVER-- and I actually have some in the crock pot right now as I write. So, tastes often change with age, but so do other things, people and situations. So, within the realm of reason, think about second chances and the opportunities that they may bring us.

Friday, September 18, 2009

taking time off

As I have said repeatedly, in order to be at one's best, one must have balance. Often, when we are tired and sore, we fail to settle down and take care of ourselves. We feel we must push on and feel guilty or non productive if we do not be the work horse or martyr. Sometimes we know we need to take time out, but we just think that we will do it later--tomorrow, and it never comes. Our health pays a penalty for doing so. Make sure you maintain your health, productivity and wellbeing. Keep balance in your life. Now, I am off-- Hopefully I will soon be sitting on the beach (tomorrow), taking a break of my own.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

'Airplane view' of Mars yields stunning images -

a few days ago on blog, i mentioned i felt a story about mars-- this was released 2 days ago, just shortly after i mentioned it. nice photos--

'Airplane view' of Mars yields stunning images -

Friday, September 4, 2009

weatherman vs guide

Someone asked, how do you listen to a warning from a guide without attracting the thing you were warned about. I suggest you focus on what is most hopeful, while taking the warning under advisement. I think of it like this: Think of your guide as a weatherman. The weatherman says there is a 90% chance of a bad storm coming your way. I would suggest that you prepare for that as to the best of your knowledge, but then, I would focus on the good things of life, and whatever is the task at hand. Helping others is always a good way to make life better for yourself too. The thing is this: do not sacrifice today on the altar of what MIGHT happen tomorrow. THINGS CAN CHANGE-- having a warning can help you AVOID a situation. For example: if I am told that if i wrestle a bear, I might die, I can choose to not wrestle a bear. I do not have to surrender to that info and go looking about for a bear taking a crap in the woods. So, plan for whatever might be-- but live/love today.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

follow up on dream/vision from 2 days ago

I figured out my dream/visit. There is imminent danger & I am being given a sign as to that fact. I do not wish to hear it, perhaps am made angry about that as I am paralyzed and unable to do anything about it. The guide had lots of tools on his belt, not sure if I mentioned that, but I think it means there are tools available to fix many things. That’s my interpretation,and I am sticking to it.

strange happenings

Paranormal activity seems to be on the increase. Do not be surprised if it seems like one world is sort of poking a hole in another. While I am not sure why this is happening, I am hearing lots of folks reporting such things. It feels like part of a cycle, some of it may be caused by vibrations akin to anxiety, and some of it may be a sign of the times. Some anxiety now may be related to anniversary syndrome due to 9/11, so keep that in mind if you feel particularly stressed. I will tell you this. I am minding my own business here in my home, when I and my dog hear a voice coming from my phone... like, the computer voice that announces appointments or the number of a key being pressed. Only, this time, out of the blue-- a computer like woman's voice said clearly and dryly: "bad dog." I am serious. I wonder if my dogs have been chasing around some fairy spirit who is not amused. Today, I heard my husband talking to someone on the porch- or so I thought. I went out to visit too and no one was there. My husband was in the driveway changing a tire. He came indoors a little later and announced that he thought he heard me talking inside the car which was parked right beside him! I imagine mischievous spirits might be making the rounds, so be aware, but not alarmed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

right now, dreams and things

Remember a while back, I dreamed of a man in my room in construction clothes working on TV?? Well, it is that SAME GUY-- back again. I thought I had awakened-- and I looked at the door where I saw a man in construction clothes/hat and a gas mask on his face looking in at me. I thought it might be James for some odd reason and I felt like I wanted to tell him how I felt about him looking in there like that in a gas mask-- but I could not move hardly at all as I felt utterly fatigued. So, as best I could, I raised my hand and shot him a bird-- but I felt that was not enough-- so I raised my other hand and shot him 2 birds, ha-ha! The man (it was not James) just turn and walked away, and I noticed he was carrying a road sign that the propped up on the wall-- like a warning sign. Then, it was over-- I woke up-- the end. Obviously, this was someone, a guide, giving me a warning sign-- something to do with breathing, perhaps. I am feeling that your guides may be contacting you as well, that it may be time for a heightened awareness of our guides, even if we do not always understand the meaning of the information right away. I also feel that while our intuition may be peaking, our attention needs to be on our physical safety and well-being for a while. Pay attention to your body and to your physical needs, surroundings, and also to money matters. try to take a break from routine if you have not done so lately-- balance, as always, is of great importance. I am feeling more earthquakes-- lots of stuff in pacific still getting my attention as well as close to home. be careful out there, not to worry-- just pay attention to what is going on around you for a while.