Friday, September 25, 2009

boiled peanuts, anyone?

I am feeling that now is the time for second chances. If there is something you wish to do, but have not done so due to fear or other reasons, now may be the time to make that desire come true. Someone once said, God is a God of second chances, and I am certain that is true. Sometimes, we let fear get in the way of things, and we get so used to being afraid the we do not recognize it as such. Sometimes, we have to remember to try some things again in order to see if things have changed. this does not apply to returning to an abusive situation, so do use common sense about this, but sometimes, we grow and change and what did not reflect us or "fit" us at one time may do so now. A long time ago, I decided to try boiled peanuts on the way to the beach. They were advertised everywhere and tho it sounds awful, I felt I should try them. Well, I did, and I thought they were absolutely HORRIBLE! I gagged and carried on for a while. I hated everything about them and cursed them and everyone who boiled them. A few years later, for some unfathomable reason, I decided to try them again. At first try, I started to gag again, but my daughter said they were a lot like pintos, my favorite bean. So, I sucked it up and gave one a try. I LOVED them! I thought that they were the best treat EVER-- and I actually have some in the crock pot right now as I write. So, tastes often change with age, but so do other things, people and situations. So, within the realm of reason, think about second chances and the opportunities that they may bring us.