Friday, September 25, 2009


A long time ago, I accidentally recorded myself a while back while trying to record my kids on a video camera. When I heard myself, I had to laugh but I was also appalled as I sounded so mean and awful! I had been told that I could be sort of forbidding due to my facial expressions, which shocked me greatly as I was so sensitive as to be ridiculous. However, now I see how my fear and shyness, as well as my "mom" voice could create an impression that was not truly reflective of who I was. From that point, I sincerely tried to cultivate a pleasant voice and expression. After doing that, I began to get a different response from people-- people began to feel positive toward me and I was able to reciprocate in kind, rather than wonder why people did not seem to like me so much. Do you know, I once saw a lady who also looked so glum that you wanted to run away from her before she bit your head off. Then, low and behold, one day I saw her smile-- how her whole being changed. She looked so much younger too. It was amazing how her whole energy field changed, just because of a smile. I wanted to respond to her in a positive way, and I did. Take time to notice how you present yourself to others so that you can perhaps get even better feedback too.