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Chapter 11-12 (12 is eerie) if my book. Scroll down for video blogs

Helping people is both a joy and a privilege. When assisting people through personal crisis, it is good to help them retain their sense of humor. Such was the case with my dear friend Dr. K, a highly successful chiropractor and wonderful friend, when she endured a series of trials a few years back.

Letter to K:

Dear K: It was so good to receive your letter! Wow, have you had a busy year. You have made new friends, traveled, and even taken up a new hobby. Good for you!

Making new friends is always a good thing, and your new friend seemed like an interesting and entertaining woman. It’s too bad that your husband thought so too. Who could have guessed that they would run off to Arkansas liked that? At least you can save some money now that the divorce has been paid for. At least he did not take more than half of the family practice when he left. All in all, I think it is good that you now have control of what is left of the practice yourself. I must say that twelve hours of work and four hours of sleep a day is a unique way to go about losing those twenty pounds. I have to wonder why you needed to lose so much since you were so thin to start with. Still, you’re lucky you can stay so small.

How wonderful that you got the opportunity to travel this year. I wish I could just pack my bags on a moment’s notice and fly off to a foreign country! Moreover, not only did you do it once, but twice. Oh, I am sorry that your dad had to have that major heart attack like that, which I am assuming was the reason behind your first excursion. I thought it a bit much to take two trips so close together, but I guess with your mom’s unexpected surgery you did not want her to feel left out. You did seem to recover from the jet lag nicely and I do not think that was one bit to blame for your car accident. Most people would have been tired that late in the afternoon, and really, that other driver should have been more careful when pulling out in front of you like that. At least you got a new car out of the deal, and I hear that knee replacement surgery is much easier these days.

How interesting that you found a hobby. I never thought of you as the firearms type. It was very good of your ex-military friend to take you to the target range to practice. You must be a very good shot in order for him to start combat training the first day. I have to say I enjoyed a good laugh at the thought of you rolling on the ground, diving under cars, and squeezing off rapid-fire shots. I am glad that your friend is a surgeon too. How convenient that he could field dress your gunshot wound right there on the premises. Funny how bullets ricochet off metal like that, but maybe you can have some scar removal done at the same time you get that knee taken care of.

All in all, it sounds like the past year was a hoot. I hope you have as much fun in the coming year. Take care and write again. Your friend, Angela

Luck comes in cycles. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that good times will come again, and that while we may not understand it, there are lessons to be learned, human experiences to be gained when we are in the middle of a difficult phase.

Chapter 12 Doorknobs and Dolls

Early in our married life, Tony and I lived in a small, cheerful house. At least, that’s how it was by day. However, strange events happened to my family there that made it seem rather eerie by night.

Tony was sweeping the carport one evening and doing general cleaning outside while I was busy preparing dinner. As I stirred my pot of stew, I heard to my left the sound of a toy bouncing across the floor. I glanced to the side in time to see a” Hot Wheels” car skipping along the kitchen. I leaned back so that I could see the door, as the view was partially obstructed by the refrigerator. I fully expected to see the door open and assumed that Tony had opened the door and tossed in the toy before it was swept away. However, the door was firmly closed and I realized that the sound of the sweeping broom was coming from the opposite side of the carport. The car had seemingly hurled itself across the kitchen.

It was an evening not so long after the incident of the model car that we decided to take an evening off and go out to eat. As we dressed for the evening, Tony hung his shirt on the bedroom doorknob so that he could adjust his belt properly. When he turned to retrieve his shirt, there was nothing on the doorknob at all. I had been standing with him and could not imagine what had happened to the shirt. We looked on the floor, under the bed, and on a different knob, but there was no shirt to be found at all. However, when we looked back again, the shirt was on the doorknob, just as Tony had placed it.

The most frightening episode that took place preceded a move to another home. I had not yet learned that I could not run away from the unseen others. Apparently, it was to be that I would take them with me wherever I would go.

It was after midnight when Tony picked me up from work and drove me home on a Saturday night. Our two young children, Jayme and Dusty, rode in the back seat of our car and we were happily discussing our memories of the recent Christmas holidays and looking forward to New Year’s resolutions. As we arrived and slowly drove by the front of home, Tony stopped the car suddenly. Our carefree chatter quickly ended as we all looked at the strange sight presented to us in our picture window.

There was a baby doll leaning against the window, its’ face pressed against the pane, both hands cupped against it’s vinyl head. It seemed to be peering out of the glass into the darkness of the street. The entire room was bathed in a dim yellow light. My husband remarked that it was a very eerie sight and I had to agree. We sat there and nervously chuckled at how it seemed to be a scene from The Twilight Zone. We were assuming that our daughter had left the doll lying on the back of the sofa that normally was under the window, and that the pose was entirely accidental.

Then it dawned on us: the sofa had been moved to make way for the Christmas tree, and though the tree had been removed, the sofa had not yet been returned to its usual place. My husband then wondered aloud about the source of the light, as no lights had been on when he left home earlier. Amused curiosity was replaced with a sense of unease. I began to wonder too: what could that doll be resting on? Perhaps the windowsill, I thought. We pulled onto the carport and cautiously entered the house. To our amazement, the doll was completely across the room, lying casually in a chair. No light was on at all. We looked at one another in disbelief and decided to leave it alone and simply go to bed. We have yet to understand the forces that compelled a doll to watch for our homecoming, but that is one holiday memory that I will never forget.

Often, wayward spirits that enjoy playing tricks will cause such events. By creating fear, they can interact with humans in an intense way. Some spirits will do as they think you wish them to do. If you are fearful, they may continue to act in a way that creates the vibration they think you are looking for.

Sensing guides


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 Chapters 9-10
I read somewhere that ancient people kept Chihuahuas because they were thought to ward off evil spirits.  Having become intimately acquainted with several of these little dogs, I can understand that.
Because I work from home, when my clients come for a psychic reading, they first have to pass through “the Chihuahua gauntlet” that consists of three Chihuahuas known as Evil, Rude, and Indifferent.  While “the children”, as they are more affectionately known, may appear to be barking and raising a ruckus with nothing more in mind than creating a row, they are actually performing their secret mission of clearing away any unwelcome demons that may be lurking in the heel of a shoe.
The worst of the lot is Evil Wren.  Weighing in at an obese nine pounds of terror, she has also been known as “the beast.”  She views most humans with a mixture of suspicion and contempt.  She is missing some teeth.  No doubt, they are lodged in someone’s pant leg.  The trouble with Wren is that she lies.  She will pretend she would like to be petted, then will attempt to remove a finger, all the while laughing heartily inside at her little game.  I have tried unsuccessfully to explain to Wren the folly of her aggressions, but to no avail.  I have to say, she has provided some light entertainment for my family, but my clients may disagree.
For example, one unsuspecting visitor walked up the driveway unaware that the beast had escaped the gated porch.  Wren began her assault on the lady by simply barking at her shoe.  This started a little dance known as high-stepping that was performed quite energetically by both lady and dog.  This quickly led to pant-leg-nipping, which escalated into a full-blown chase around the parked cars.  The unfortunate lady escaped by jumping in to my car, not realizing that Wren considered the car to be her second home.  Wren was so offended by this that she stomped and huffed and seemed so genuinely confused that she muttered curses and epithets for hours. 
Wren enjoyed teaching the high-step so much that she tried to teach another visitor to tap dance at the front door.  This poor woman had the misfortune to be wearing sandals.  Wren took advantage of the situation, and to help her find her rhythm, artistically arranging little nips randomly around the lady’s feet.  However, her victim, a local attorney, was able to out-boogie the beast and escape serious injury.  I tried to explain to the evil one that it is best NOT to bite those who know how to sue us.
Pets, like the people in our lives, serve to reflect us, and by doing so they assist us in our life’s journey.  They also serve us by becoming our teachers and our friends.  They provide unconditional love and through that, help us to learn how to love in return. 
Sometimes, the most valuable thing they do is to provide us with simple joy.

Chapter 1  Lady in the Garden

Tony and I often took walks late on summer nights to enjoy the cool relief of the evening and to have the road in our neighborhood all to ourselves.  We would take our little daughter Jayme, who was less than two at the time, with us as well.  Often Trixie, our gray kitty, accompanied us.  Trixie did not want us to know that she was walking with us and would pretend that she just happened to be walking along in the same direction.  If we turned to speak to her, she would dart behind a tree, pretend to smell a plant, or suddenly remember she needed a tongue bath.  She certainly would not admit to anything as mundane as taking a walk with the family.
One evening, we were out particularly late.  In fact, it was around midnight.  The day had been dreadfully hot and the dark night sky became punctuated by heat lightning.  The lightning became so intense that many of the streetlights went out, and we were left in almost total darkness.  Because of this, and because we were so tired, Tony decided to walk ahead, get the car, and drive us back home.
My daughter and I continued walking.  I felt grateful that we had not seen anyone out that night as I was wearing shorts that I felt were a little too short to be out in public.  Oh, they were fine to run around the house, but I would not want to be seen by anyone my grandparents’ age.  Soon, the walk seemed too long for Jayme, so I scooped her up and carried her.  Trixie had tired of our company and had gone off on her own adventure.
As we turned into the road that our house was on, I realized we were not alone on that corner.  Through the shrubs lining the yard, I saw an elderly lady with gray-blue hair and elegant eyeglasses sitting at a table in the garden watching us.  She seemed to be just as startled to see us, as I was to see her.  By her expression, I gathered that she was somewhat appalled to see us as well, and my first thought was, “I should not have worn these shorts in public.”  I intended to say as such and began to speak, “Oh, Lord, I didn’t expect…”
That is as far as I got.  The woman in the chair totally vanished.  I can still see her look of surprise mixed with disapproval as she utterly faded from view.  Until then, I had wished that my daughter would walk, but at that point, I was so grateful to have her in my arms.  I continued to walk on by the garden and quickened my steps toward home.  Fortunately, my husband picked us up almost immediately, sparing me the need to continue with the heart attack that my body was attempting to have.
The next day a neighbor from across the street came over to visit, and I asked him if anyone had died on our street lately.  He said that in fact his aunt had passed away only three days earlier. He told me that she had lived in the house at the corner of our street.  When I asked about her appearance, he said she had blue hair and bejeweled eyeglasses.
I believe that that lady was enjoying her garden one last time that evening.  I am sorry to have disturbed her.  On a final note, I never wore those shorts in public again.

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Chapters 7-8 (embarrassing humor included near end)

Having a special needs sister has made me wonder why suffering should be part of life. I wonder if God said to us at the onset of time that we would be taken care of if we would allow it, but we asked to be free to do this ourselves, to learn and therefore grow through the experience of being human. I wonder if it is sad for God to witness our struggle, but he allows us to labor, as it is the only way we can achieve what we set out to do. Perhaps he sends our guides and angels to assist us if we choose to accept the help. Maybe in time we all find our way back home, back to God.

In some ways, I imagine that this world is like a game, a theater, or a giant celestial amusement park where spirits stand in line to interact in the drama of life. While “standing in line”, we make agreements with other spirits to interact in such a way that we will get what we need in this life to gain more experience and growth. These spirits become our soul mates because they have a special purpose with us, and we with them. Sometimes we are bound to them through family ties or romantic love. Sometimes they act as our enemy so that we can have the experience of being a victim in order to learn how to overcome that. Maybe on some trips through the “amusement park” we allow ourselves to sacrifice parts of our lives so that another can experience and overcome the darker parts of human nature. While we are here, we want to avoid suffering, which is natural and good to do. However, sometimes experiencing suffering is part of our chosen task.

There is a cartoon that you may have seen where a cat has to wrestle a mouse, except the mouse is actually an escaped baby kangaroo. Our cat flees the warehouse where the “mouse” is located only to run into his friend outside who berates him for running from a mouse. Mr. Cat is properly ashamed, resolves to re-enter the warehouse, and asks that his friend lock the door behind him. He instructs his companion that the door is to be kept locked no matter how much he begs to be free. Of course, immediately upon facing down the giant “mouse” again, the cat beats on the door and begs to leave, but alas, he is forced to take his licking and finish the work he set out to do.

While we are in spirit, I believe we are eager to enjoy the “ride” of “Park Earth” and when we arrive back to spirit and our eyes are opened, the pain is forgotten and we want to do it all again.

Throughout our life’s journey, we are drawn to others who reflect and/or balance us, and show us who we are through our relationship with them. Sometimes we grow at different rates, or we begin to walk on different paths, and the reflection once shared is no longer valid. Sometimes, we realize too late that we are no longer walking in the same direction, and we bring new people into our lives to reflect the new person we are becoming. Hopefully, we can still value the lessons we learned and the history we shared with those we once knew, and continue a friendship on another level. This is the case with my ex-husband and my children’s father, Tony.

Poor Tony was never comfortable with the paranormal activity that seemed to surround us. He is a private person who likes things to be well under his control. He is also very easily embarrassed which is why the event that took place on a vacation outing years ago was particularly amusing.

Having arrived at Myrtle Beach for a few days’ sun and fun, Tony, the kids, and I decided to take a walk on the beach. We enjoyed strolling through the surf but soon we found ourselves fairly soaked. After we walked back to our third floor oceanfront room, I decided to take advantage of the balcony and air-dry some of our things. I hung out a couple of towels, my swimsuit, Tony’s shirt, and his shorts.

Naturally, our things had picked up quite a bit of sand so I shook each item vigorously before laying them on the railing. Unfortunately, I failed to check out Tony’s apparel before shaking. When I shook out his shorts, I saw to my horror a pair of men’s briefs literally go sailing through the air like an obscene white kite. They glided gently through the air and landed with perfect precision onto the propped-up feet of the man inhabiting the oceanfront room on floor number two. Now, Tony is a big fellow, and those undies covered both feet of that man with ease. Where moments before there had been laughter and conversation below there was now a palatable silence. I fled into the room.

Tony demanded to know what was wrong with me, as I was gasping for air and collapsed on the floor in a fit of suppressed embarrassment and giggles. I could not speak. Silently he slipped out on the balcony and looked over the edge in time to see a stranger holding up his wet extra large underwear for all to see and to hear him exclaim, “I don’t know who they belong to, but I know they won’t fit me!” Tony decided to flee back inside our room as well.

We hid in our room the rest of the day. After dark, we ventured out and retrieved the briefs from behind a plant where they had been tossed. After all, no one wants to waste good underwear.

Chapter 8 A Psychic Warning

Years ago when Tony worked third shift, my infant daughter Jayme and I were left alone for the night five times a week. Evenings often found me uneasy, as I was uncertain of our safety and had suspected that there might be a prowler in our area. However, most nights passed quietly and I eventually forgot that I needed to be careful.

I was just drifting off to sleep on night when I began to have a vision. I saw myself walking through my house toward the front door. I watched as if from above as I locked the door and proceeded to walk to another door at the side of the house. As my vision continued, I watched as I locked that door and then walked to the phone and called my husband at work. A thought that was unlike my own sounded inside my head as the vision faded and darkness returned. The soft voice in my mind said that the doors were not locked and that someone was outside. It continued that I needed to remain very calm and to walk to the doors as I had been shown and lock them.

It was just at that moment that a stray dog that had shown up that day and was sleeping under the house began barking loudly and alerted me to the fact that someone or something was outside. I was instantly awake, but rather than alarmed, I felt utterly calm because I knew what I was to do. I walked to the front door, and found that in fact, it was unlocked, and the side door was unsecured as well. I locked them both and walked to the phone and called my husband whose job was located nearby. As I talked to him and asked him to come home, I began to think that maybe the entire ruckus was merely because of a wandering raccoon or tomcat.

I gently pulled back the curtain so that I could peek out into the darkness. Without warning, a man’s hand slammed into the window. I dropped the curtain and screamed. The dog began its second assault and barked in earnest. I yelled, “The cops are on their way!” Of course, they were not, but the ruse worked and the trespasser fled. The stray dog disappeared as well, perhaps having fulfilled his purpose as guardian and protector for one night in my life.

When we are between worlds, as we are when we are half asleep, we are more in sync with the energy around us. We are also more powerful and can send energy through thought. It is when we are in this state that we can send a psychic message to others, both living and deceased by, talking to them in our thoughts. We can instruct ourselves to dream in a certain way, or ask for assistance from our guides. We can affirm to ourselves what we need to believe and have the affirmation be more imbedded in our minds. It is also a time when we are more receptive to hearing from our guides, or having visions of forthcoming events.

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Chapters 5&6 of my book scroll down for previous chapters

Chapter 5 Medicine Man

It was an interesting session on the day when the Medicine Man came to see me. It was hard for me to believe that someone so intriguing would request me to do a psychic reading for him. Nevertheless, he did ask and I was happy to oblige. His energy was powerful, yet so loving that reading him was as easy as reading the morning paper. I felt connected to him and I believe that he felt the same way toward me. He was quite a force: tall, handsome, and very much a man of two worlds. The energies of the bear and the hawk were with him, and an inner wisdom was strong with him as well.

During our session, his energy became so intense that the spirits that inhabited my house became animated. One of the spirits had appeared to me during my childhood (I had lived in the house when I was young.), then again as an adult. I felt this spirit was a highly frightened, yet equally terrifying man. My son, Dustin, was also acquainted with this spirit, having been awakened from sleep only to find him literally hovering above him as he lay in his bed. Dusty never slept in that room again.

Another spirit was also activated during the Medicine Man’s visit, that of a young girl, who was “hiding” in the attic. She longed for her mother. I had felt this being on occasion throughout my life as well. When she was active, I would become nearly overwhelmed with an urge to buy dolls. I would buy collectable dolls, put them on display, and then experience relief as if the emotions of the girl had been satiated. It was only after I began my own spiritual journey that I realized that I was not satisfying a whim of my own, but that of another energy influencing me from another realm. One doll was especially connected to the girl. This was made apparent, as the dolls’ expression would subtly change as you gazed at her little face. She would often look pouty, sometimes angry, but rarely contented.

As these spirits became enlivened during the session with the Medicine Man, I began to feel them as they spoke through me. I literally became the emotional conduit for the girl and began to sob, crying for what felt like my own mother, homesickness overwhelming me. ​

At this point, the spirit from the back bedroom made his appearance through me as well. He explained that he was afraid to move on, afraid that hell was awaiting him. He was determined to stay there, and he who was confining the girl. He was lonely and needed her company. At this point, my body was wracked with sobs and trembling, and I was overwhelmed with energy.

The Medicine Man rose to his feet, a majestic presence at nearly six and one half feet tall. “ENOUGH,” he said, and with that took control of the situation. He asked me, even though I was caught up in the emotions of the spirits that were there, to tell him what to do. I briefly felt the presence of yet another spirit. This was not the spirit of a ghostly figure however, but an ancient being, a Native American elder. I heard one word: “smoke.” The Medicine Man said that was clear enough and tore open a cigarette, lit the tobacco in an ashtray, and fanned the smoke throughout the room. He then directed the child to go to the light, and she did. Her energy was instantly gone. The man from the back bedroom, however, was more stubborn. He was angry and afraid. His energy did finally abate, and we hoped that he too had left this realm and found peace.

I was able to finally find calm at this point and continued my session with my guest. As the session drew to a close, I had to tell him something that disturbed me greatly. “You have a chink in your armor,” I said, as I felt there was a tear in the energy field that surrounded him. He asked me how to repair it, but I did not know how. I just felt he simply needed that information. Finally, the session ended, and he gave me a wonderful bear hug and told me that I did not realize what I had, but that someday I would. With that, he left, and I never saw him again. Within minutes of his leaving, I heard a man clear his throat. The sound emitted from the back bedroom. I realized that the spirit was still at home, though hiding.

Shortly after that meeting with the Medicine Man, I received a phone call from our mutual friend, Darlene. She told me that our friend had suffered a stroke, but was expected to recover. I did not agree with that prognosis however, and a sense of dread overcame me. The chink in his armor had been found and I feared he would not stay in this world.

The next day found me busy cleaning the house and preparing lunch. Suddenly, I felt a presence, and I immediately recognized the energy. It was the Medicine Man. I felt his voice inside my head as he directed me to look at my watch. The time was 1:26 pm. Suddenly I felt a rush of energy, like a wind, yet it was not a wind. It came from the bedroom, passed through me, and continued to pass through the wall and away. I was acutely aware of the emotions of the man from the back room as he passed through my body. I felt intense fear, followed by great relief and joy. I knew the spirit was gone. Just then, the pot on my stove began to boil over. I put the experience to the back of my mind and then allowed myself to doubt what I had felt. After all, maybe I was only imagining what had just happened.

The next morning, a friend of mine and I were returning after having breakfast at a local restaurant. As we stepped onto the walkway into my home, a hawk suddenly swooped directly over the roof of the house, over our heads, and away. I felt a sense of recognition: I knew at that moment that it embodied the spirit of the Medicine Man. I ran in my house and called Darlene. “Darlene,” I exclaimed, “what has happened to our friend?” “He died,” she said, “He left us at 1:15 yesterday afternoon.” I believe as he departed this world, he visited me, and he kindly assisted the confused man’s spirit in moving on as well.

The Medicine Man is still with me at times. As I write this, the lamp flickers. I know he is here, and I am grateful for his company.

Chapter 6 Communicating with Animals and a Communicating Animal

Those of us who love animals and have pets often wonder how to communicate with them psychically. We are already sending messages to our pets inadvertently, and by paying attention, we may find we are receiving messages as well. For example, many pet owners will find that Fluffy disappears just when they make decision to give her a bath or trim. A normally “happy to travel” pet disappears when he senses the trip is to the vet. However, when the pet owner decides to enjoy a yummy treat or take a nice walk outdoors, Fluffy just as mysteriously reappears, ready to partake in whatever merriment is at hand.

When trying to communicate with your pet, use your imagination to send pictures of whatever message you are trying to convey, and imagine the emotion you wish to express as well. In order to “hear” them psychically, relax and hold the pet in your thoughts. Notice what images and emotions flow to you. This can help you to get a better sense of when your pet may have a physical problem as well as any day to day problems they may be experiencing.

In one instance, a pet of mine communicated in a very unexpected way.

​Andrew was a beautiful tomcat that was once my companion. He was a big fellow, and had the loveliest yellow eyes, framed by coal black fur. His chest and feet were snow white, and he had a very raspy voice, which gave him quite a distinctive meow.

At the time he lived with me, I lived next door to an elderly lady named Mrs. McNealy. Mrs. McNealy liked to talk to me quite often: so often in fact, that rarely did I ever spend time outside without her company. One night, just around midnight – by the way, I have noticed that an inordinate amount of my stories take place around midnight – I was sitting on my steps outside the house enjoying the cool of the evening when I heard a raspy voice not unlike Mrs. McNealy’s behind me say, “A a a a Angie, what ‘cha do o ing?” “My goodness,” I thought. “The woman is out here at midnight.” I looked around, but did not see anyone. I decided that I must have imagined hearing her. But then, I heard it again: “A a a Angie, what ‘cha do o ing?” At this point, I decided to answer her, as I felt she must have been calling to me from behind a darkened window. I said, “Well, where are you?” Then again, the voice began, “A a a an gee.” The voice was coming from directly behind me.

I turned around to face the one who was addressing me. It was Andrew. His head was extending toward me. His yellow eyes were open wide and gazing intently into mine. I said without thinking, “Oh, Andrew, is that you? Oh well, I’m going to bed now,” and I did. I decided to allow Andrew to just stay there on the porch for a while.

One day several months later, my baby sister came to visit. Being physically challenged and unable to walk, Sis was having a snack while lying on the floor watching TV. My then-husband Tony and I were outside working on our car. Suddenly, Sis yelled “Angie, Angie, Angie, come here!” I ran inside to find her looking very startled, and to find Andrew sitting on the arm of the chair with his head extended, his eyes big and yellow, looking first at her, then at me. I was worried. Had he scratched her or harmed her in some way? I meant to ask her, “What did he do?” But for some unknown reason, I asked, “What did he say?” At this point, she started to giggle as she was prone to do when nervous, and said between peals of mirth, “He said,” she replied, “what ‘cha doing, sw-e-e-et heart.”

Now, I had never told the child anything about Andrew’s previous excursion into human speech, so I believed her. He looked so concerned sitting there, staring first at her and then at me, that I believe he just wanted to know if she was, in fact, okay. My shock gave way to slightly hysterical laugher of my own. However, our gaiety must have offended him, as that was the last time that Andrew cared to speak to either of us.

Our pets are here to assist us on a spiritual journey. They teach us about responsibility, power, joy, loss, and what it is to receive unconditional love. It is my belief that while wild animals share a spirit, as in the spirit of the bear or the spirit of the wolf. In contrast, pets have individual spirits that interact with us in more personal and emotional ways. We can draw energy from the spirit of the wild animals, however, and whatever good things are traditionally associated with a particular animal we can incorporate into ourselves. Sometimes, our guides send the spirit of an animal to us so that our souls will recognize the energy that we need at that moment and can draw from it. Our guides also take on the form of animal’s spirits. You may find, for example, that you see butterflies at every turn, or perhaps gifts come to you in the form of a painting or postcard of an animal, such as a dolphin or dragonfly. Sometimes, a particular animal totem, or power animal, will be with you for life. Perhaps for example, you are drawn to cats, both wild and domestic. If so, these are likely your “totem” or “power” animals that are reflecting your growth, and guiding you by bringing their image to your consciousness.