Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chapters 7-8 (embarrassing humor included near end)

Having a special needs sister has made me wonder why suffering should be part of life. I wonder if God said to us at the onset of time that we would be taken care of if we would allow it, but we asked to be free to do this ourselves, to learn and therefore grow through the experience of being human. I wonder if it is sad for God to witness our struggle, but he allows us to labor, as it is the only way we can achieve what we set out to do. Perhaps he sends our guides and angels to assist us if we choose to accept the help. Maybe in time we all find our way back home, back to God.

In some ways, I imagine that this world is like a game, a theater, or a giant celestial amusement park where spirits stand in line to interact in the drama of life. While “standing in line”, we make agreements with other spirits to interact in such a way that we will get what we need in this life to gain more experience and growth. These spirits become our soul mates because they have a special purpose with us, and we with them. Sometimes we are bound to them through family ties or romantic love. Sometimes they act as our enemy so that we can have the experience of being a victim in order to learn how to overcome that. Maybe on some trips through the “amusement park” we allow ourselves to sacrifice parts of our lives so that another can experience and overcome the darker parts of human nature. While we are here, we want to avoid suffering, which is natural and good to do. However, sometimes experiencing suffering is part of our chosen task.

There is a cartoon that you may have seen where a cat has to wrestle a mouse, except the mouse is actually an escaped baby kangaroo. Our cat flees the warehouse where the “mouse” is located only to run into his friend outside who berates him for running from a mouse. Mr. Cat is properly ashamed, resolves to re-enter the warehouse, and asks that his friend lock the door behind him. He instructs his companion that the door is to be kept locked no matter how much he begs to be free. Of course, immediately upon facing down the giant “mouse” again, the cat beats on the door and begs to leave, but alas, he is forced to take his licking and finish the work he set out to do.

While we are in spirit, I believe we are eager to enjoy the “ride” of “Park Earth” and when we arrive back to spirit and our eyes are opened, the pain is forgotten and we want to do it all again.

Throughout our life’s journey, we are drawn to others who reflect and/or balance us, and show us who we are through our relationship with them. Sometimes we grow at different rates, or we begin to walk on different paths, and the reflection once shared is no longer valid. Sometimes, we realize too late that we are no longer walking in the same direction, and we bring new people into our lives to reflect the new person we are becoming. Hopefully, we can still value the lessons we learned and the history we shared with those we once knew, and continue a friendship on another level. This is the case with my ex-husband and my children’s father, Tony.

Poor Tony was never comfortable with the paranormal activity that seemed to surround us. He is a private person who likes things to be well under his control. He is also very easily embarrassed which is why the event that took place on a vacation outing years ago was particularly amusing.

Having arrived at Myrtle Beach for a few days’ sun and fun, Tony, the kids, and I decided to take a walk on the beach. We enjoyed strolling through the surf but soon we found ourselves fairly soaked. After we walked back to our third floor oceanfront room, I decided to take advantage of the balcony and air-dry some of our things. I hung out a couple of towels, my swimsuit, Tony’s shirt, and his shorts.

Naturally, our things had picked up quite a bit of sand so I shook each item vigorously before laying them on the railing. Unfortunately, I failed to check out Tony’s apparel before shaking. When I shook out his shorts, I saw to my horror a pair of men’s briefs literally go sailing through the air like an obscene white kite. They glided gently through the air and landed with perfect precision onto the propped-up feet of the man inhabiting the oceanfront room on floor number two. Now, Tony is a big fellow, and those undies covered both feet of that man with ease. Where moments before there had been laughter and conversation below there was now a palatable silence. I fled into the room.

Tony demanded to know what was wrong with me, as I was gasping for air and collapsed on the floor in a fit of suppressed embarrassment and giggles. I could not speak. Silently he slipped out on the balcony and looked over the edge in time to see a stranger holding up his wet extra large underwear for all to see and to hear him exclaim, “I don’t know who they belong to, but I know they won’t fit me!” Tony decided to flee back inside our room as well.

We hid in our room the rest of the day. After dark, we ventured out and retrieved the briefs from behind a plant where they had been tossed. After all, no one wants to waste good underwear.

Chapter 8 A Psychic Warning

Years ago when Tony worked third shift, my infant daughter Jayme and I were left alone for the night five times a week. Evenings often found me uneasy, as I was uncertain of our safety and had suspected that there might be a prowler in our area. However, most nights passed quietly and I eventually forgot that I needed to be careful.

I was just drifting off to sleep on night when I began to have a vision. I saw myself walking through my house toward the front door. I watched as if from above as I locked the door and proceeded to walk to another door at the side of the house. As my vision continued, I watched as I locked that door and then walked to the phone and called my husband at work. A thought that was unlike my own sounded inside my head as the vision faded and darkness returned. The soft voice in my mind said that the doors were not locked and that someone was outside. It continued that I needed to remain very calm and to walk to the doors as I had been shown and lock them.

It was just at that moment that a stray dog that had shown up that day and was sleeping under the house began barking loudly and alerted me to the fact that someone or something was outside. I was instantly awake, but rather than alarmed, I felt utterly calm because I knew what I was to do. I walked to the front door, and found that in fact, it was unlocked, and the side door was unsecured as well. I locked them both and walked to the phone and called my husband whose job was located nearby. As I talked to him and asked him to come home, I began to think that maybe the entire ruckus was merely because of a wandering raccoon or tomcat.

I gently pulled back the curtain so that I could peek out into the darkness. Without warning, a man’s hand slammed into the window. I dropped the curtain and screamed. The dog began its second assault and barked in earnest. I yelled, “The cops are on their way!” Of course, they were not, but the ruse worked and the trespasser fled. The stray dog disappeared as well, perhaps having fulfilled his purpose as guardian and protector for one night in my life.

When we are between worlds, as we are when we are half asleep, we are more in sync with the energy around us. We are also more powerful and can send energy through thought. It is when we are in this state that we can send a psychic message to others, both living and deceased by, talking to them in our thoughts. We can instruct ourselves to dream in a certain way, or ask for assistance from our guides. We can affirm to ourselves what we need to believe and have the affirmation be more imbedded in our minds. It is also a time when we are more receptive to hearing from our guides, or having visions of forthcoming events.