Friday, December 7, 2012

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Chapter 5 Medicine Man

It was an interesting session on the day when the Medicine Man came to see me. It was hard for me to believe that someone so intriguing would request me to do a psychic reading for him. Nevertheless, he did ask and I was happy to oblige. His energy was powerful, yet so loving that reading him was as easy as reading the morning paper. I felt connected to him and I believe that he felt the same way toward me. He was quite a force: tall, handsome, and very much a man of two worlds. The energies of the bear and the hawk were with him, and an inner wisdom was strong with him as well.

During our session, his energy became so intense that the spirits that inhabited my house became animated. One of the spirits had appeared to me during my childhood (I had lived in the house when I was young.), then again as an adult. I felt this spirit was a highly frightened, yet equally terrifying man. My son, Dustin, was also acquainted with this spirit, having been awakened from sleep only to find him literally hovering above him as he lay in his bed. Dusty never slept in that room again.

Another spirit was also activated during the Medicine Man’s visit, that of a young girl, who was “hiding” in the attic. She longed for her mother. I had felt this being on occasion throughout my life as well. When she was active, I would become nearly overwhelmed with an urge to buy dolls. I would buy collectable dolls, put them on display, and then experience relief as if the emotions of the girl had been satiated. It was only after I began my own spiritual journey that I realized that I was not satisfying a whim of my own, but that of another energy influencing me from another realm. One doll was especially connected to the girl. This was made apparent, as the dolls’ expression would subtly change as you gazed at her little face. She would often look pouty, sometimes angry, but rarely contented.

As these spirits became enlivened during the session with the Medicine Man, I began to feel them as they spoke through me. I literally became the emotional conduit for the girl and began to sob, crying for what felt like my own mother, homesickness overwhelming me. ​

At this point, the spirit from the back bedroom made his appearance through me as well. He explained that he was afraid to move on, afraid that hell was awaiting him. He was determined to stay there, and he who was confining the girl. He was lonely and needed her company. At this point, my body was wracked with sobs and trembling, and I was overwhelmed with energy.

The Medicine Man rose to his feet, a majestic presence at nearly six and one half feet tall. “ENOUGH,” he said, and with that took control of the situation. He asked me, even though I was caught up in the emotions of the spirits that were there, to tell him what to do. I briefly felt the presence of yet another spirit. This was not the spirit of a ghostly figure however, but an ancient being, a Native American elder. I heard one word: “smoke.” The Medicine Man said that was clear enough and tore open a cigarette, lit the tobacco in an ashtray, and fanned the smoke throughout the room. He then directed the child to go to the light, and she did. Her energy was instantly gone. The man from the back bedroom, however, was more stubborn. He was angry and afraid. His energy did finally abate, and we hoped that he too had left this realm and found peace.

I was able to finally find calm at this point and continued my session with my guest. As the session drew to a close, I had to tell him something that disturbed me greatly. “You have a chink in your armor,” I said, as I felt there was a tear in the energy field that surrounded him. He asked me how to repair it, but I did not know how. I just felt he simply needed that information. Finally, the session ended, and he gave me a wonderful bear hug and told me that I did not realize what I had, but that someday I would. With that, he left, and I never saw him again. Within minutes of his leaving, I heard a man clear his throat. The sound emitted from the back bedroom. I realized that the spirit was still at home, though hiding.

Shortly after that meeting with the Medicine Man, I received a phone call from our mutual friend, Darlene. She told me that our friend had suffered a stroke, but was expected to recover. I did not agree with that prognosis however, and a sense of dread overcame me. The chink in his armor had been found and I feared he would not stay in this world.

The next day found me busy cleaning the house and preparing lunch. Suddenly, I felt a presence, and I immediately recognized the energy. It was the Medicine Man. I felt his voice inside my head as he directed me to look at my watch. The time was 1:26 pm. Suddenly I felt a rush of energy, like a wind, yet it was not a wind. It came from the bedroom, passed through me, and continued to pass through the wall and away. I was acutely aware of the emotions of the man from the back room as he passed through my body. I felt intense fear, followed by great relief and joy. I knew the spirit was gone. Just then, the pot on my stove began to boil over. I put the experience to the back of my mind and then allowed myself to doubt what I had felt. After all, maybe I was only imagining what had just happened.

The next morning, a friend of mine and I were returning after having breakfast at a local restaurant. As we stepped onto the walkway into my home, a hawk suddenly swooped directly over the roof of the house, over our heads, and away. I felt a sense of recognition: I knew at that moment that it embodied the spirit of the Medicine Man. I ran in my house and called Darlene. “Darlene,” I exclaimed, “what has happened to our friend?” “He died,” she said, “He left us at 1:15 yesterday afternoon.” I believe as he departed this world, he visited me, and he kindly assisted the confused man’s spirit in moving on as well.

The Medicine Man is still with me at times. As I write this, the lamp flickers. I know he is here, and I am grateful for his company.

Chapter 6 Communicating with Animals and a Communicating Animal

Those of us who love animals and have pets often wonder how to communicate with them psychically. We are already sending messages to our pets inadvertently, and by paying attention, we may find we are receiving messages as well. For example, many pet owners will find that Fluffy disappears just when they make decision to give her a bath or trim. A normally “happy to travel” pet disappears when he senses the trip is to the vet. However, when the pet owner decides to enjoy a yummy treat or take a nice walk outdoors, Fluffy just as mysteriously reappears, ready to partake in whatever merriment is at hand.

When trying to communicate with your pet, use your imagination to send pictures of whatever message you are trying to convey, and imagine the emotion you wish to express as well. In order to “hear” them psychically, relax and hold the pet in your thoughts. Notice what images and emotions flow to you. This can help you to get a better sense of when your pet may have a physical problem as well as any day to day problems they may be experiencing.

In one instance, a pet of mine communicated in a very unexpected way.

​Andrew was a beautiful tomcat that was once my companion. He was a big fellow, and had the loveliest yellow eyes, framed by coal black fur. His chest and feet were snow white, and he had a very raspy voice, which gave him quite a distinctive meow.

At the time he lived with me, I lived next door to an elderly lady named Mrs. McNealy. Mrs. McNealy liked to talk to me quite often: so often in fact, that rarely did I ever spend time outside without her company. One night, just around midnight – by the way, I have noticed that an inordinate amount of my stories take place around midnight – I was sitting on my steps outside the house enjoying the cool of the evening when I heard a raspy voice not unlike Mrs. McNealy’s behind me say, “A a a a Angie, what ‘cha do o ing?” “My goodness,” I thought. “The woman is out here at midnight.” I looked around, but did not see anyone. I decided that I must have imagined hearing her. But then, I heard it again: “A a a Angie, what ‘cha do o ing?” At this point, I decided to answer her, as I felt she must have been calling to me from behind a darkened window. I said, “Well, where are you?” Then again, the voice began, “A a a an gee.” The voice was coming from directly behind me.

I turned around to face the one who was addressing me. It was Andrew. His head was extending toward me. His yellow eyes were open wide and gazing intently into mine. I said without thinking, “Oh, Andrew, is that you? Oh well, I’m going to bed now,” and I did. I decided to allow Andrew to just stay there on the porch for a while.

One day several months later, my baby sister came to visit. Being physically challenged and unable to walk, Sis was having a snack while lying on the floor watching TV. My then-husband Tony and I were outside working on our car. Suddenly, Sis yelled “Angie, Angie, Angie, come here!” I ran inside to find her looking very startled, and to find Andrew sitting on the arm of the chair with his head extended, his eyes big and yellow, looking first at her, then at me. I was worried. Had he scratched her or harmed her in some way? I meant to ask her, “What did he do?” But for some unknown reason, I asked, “What did he say?” At this point, she started to giggle as she was prone to do when nervous, and said between peals of mirth, “He said,” she replied, “what ‘cha doing, sw-e-e-et heart.”

Now, I had never told the child anything about Andrew’s previous excursion into human speech, so I believed her. He looked so concerned sitting there, staring first at her and then at me, that I believe he just wanted to know if she was, in fact, okay. My shock gave way to slightly hysterical laugher of my own. However, our gaiety must have offended him, as that was the last time that Andrew cared to speak to either of us.

Our pets are here to assist us on a spiritual journey. They teach us about responsibility, power, joy, loss, and what it is to receive unconditional love. It is my belief that while wild animals share a spirit, as in the spirit of the bear or the spirit of the wolf. In contrast, pets have individual spirits that interact with us in more personal and emotional ways. We can draw energy from the spirit of the wild animals, however, and whatever good things are traditionally associated with a particular animal we can incorporate into ourselves. Sometimes, our guides send the spirit of an animal to us so that our souls will recognize the energy that we need at that moment and can draw from it. Our guides also take on the form of animal’s spirits. You may find, for example, that you see butterflies at every turn, or perhaps gifts come to you in the form of a painting or postcard of an animal, such as a dolphin or dragonfly. Sometimes, a particular animal totem, or power animal, will be with you for life. Perhaps for example, you are drawn to cats, both wild and domestic. If so, these are likely your “totem” or “power” animals that are reflecting your growth, and guiding you by bringing their image to your consciousness.