Monday, September 28, 2015

I feel we (all people) are on precipice of change, somehow. It's not good nor bad- just "is."   Maybe it will be sudden and obvious, but probably more of a turning point that becomes clearer over time through the natural course of events.  Just a thought/feeling for today. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Developing your psychic abilities part 2

so, this happened

   OK,  this happened, I promise you, I am not making this up.  (you can ask James Moore) A few days ago, I cleaned out the closets and drawers etc.  I had swept the closet floor clean, but not the bedroom floor as I was planning on finishing that after a break.  James​ decided to go ahead and sweep it for me.  So, he asks me -- "where is the broom?" I tell him that it is in bedroom as I wasn't finished with it.  He says, "no, it is not". So, knowing he is the worst about finding things sometimes, I go in and help him look and no, it is not there. We both look in and around the closet, as that is obviously where it should be, but it is a tiny closet and I did recall that it was propped against the open door where the shoe rack was keeping it from falling over, as it really would not stand up right inside of it.  Still, we looked and looked. We looked in the corners of the room, under the bed, where perhaps it had fallen and been kicked under it.  We looked where it is stored, in case we had put it up without thinking. We looked outside on the deck in case we took it out with trash bag.  We looked in closet again.  James checked the basement (man-cave) in case he had absent mindedly carried it down or I had tossed it down there, and no.. no broom no where.  Because it's us, after all,.. we decided to wait a day or two and see where it would turn up.  Our house is a small house after all, and it couldn't go missing forever. Finally, we decided last nigh that maybe it was gone forever and that  we would just have to get another one as we do need it.   We did, however, each of us, give one last look to closet.
    This morning, I looked in the closet to see if I had anything to wear. I looked low where I could see the bottom of any sundresses but also where I could easily see the back bottom of the wall.. in order see if I had a sundress clean. I did not move anything about, as I saw nothing that I needed. Since nothing caught my eye,  I turned and stepped away when I heard a tap behind on the floor. I turned back-- and there was the broom-- lying with the handle on the floor, bristle end inside the closet! I said, happily, "look, James, there is the broom!" and then, I thought, "wait, how the heck did that happen??!!"  There was no place for it to have fallen from!! I could not have fallen through the clothes had it been in back-- and it could not have been between them as they are tight together-- not to mention the bar they hang on would have stopped that. We had looked below to the back where it would have been obviously seen had it been there.  We had also actually done our due diligence several times and I am TELLING you, it was NOT in that closet... yet, there it was-- lying on floor-- FALLING on floor mind you, the second I had turned away.  I have gone over and over it in my mind, and I can't figure this one out.  Well, I can. I think my house ghost has been playing a trick-- and that's fine with me.  Just go figure.   LIFE AT THE MOORE'S. it gets weirder daily. 
This same evening -
"The case of the missing broom" has deepened. When we found it this morning, we had to leave and when we returned, I became busy and james took up down stairs. It dawned on me a couple of times that I didn't put the broom away--- and-- wondered if it was still there--- and so I went to get it as I happen to need it and---(insert dramatic du, du, dum music here) it's gone. Again. Gone. Sigh. Go figure. Life at the Moores continues. For now. 
FINAL addendum- broom has been returned to corner of the room, behind the door. Case closed.