Friday, December 5, 2014

so this morning, i am dreaming- oddly enough-- that i am in an animated adventure with winnie the pooh (whom i LOVE) and some other pooh characters. i woke up, basically in middle of the dream (can't recall details), and then James Moore woke up as well.. and the first words out of his mouth.. "oh, bother.." (which is well known winnie the pooh quote)? as for some reason he was thinking of winnie the pooh. go figure.
i think we are "between worlds" when we are just barely awake and we might visit in spirit those around us or those who are no longer with us... or more than maybe we can know. while we may lose consciousness of visits, and our minds create dreams that might make sense of said excursions, we have whatever we learned or experienced inside when we need it.