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As many of you know, I predicted a "threat from space" a while back. I believe that was in reference to the meteor over Russia, as well as the one over Cuba, San Fransico and Florida, which all occured very nearly the same time. I still feel more to come, sort of like one feels bits of rain before the storm clouds break.  Still, it doesn't have to be a horrid thing, I am just saying it is something I feel.

Keeping dreams balanced

When to listen when to let go

Friday, February 8, 2013

My book is serialized below-- last chapter will appear first, so scoll down to get to beginning if you wish. There are videos mixed randomly in, so you can scroll on past  those or watch accordonly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FINAL CHAPTERS OF MY BOOK that I serialized for your amusement

chapter 24 Haunted Inn

My assistant and I were invited to attend the Joshua P. Warren Paranormal Conference at a majestic, historic, and very haunted, hotel in Asheville.  I was to be a guest speaker, offer readings, and participate in the ghost-hunting activities taking place at night.  Although I heard some unexplained footsteps while I was putting my things in my room, the first part of the event was quite enjoyable.  We listened to several speakers and partook of the nice buffet provided for us.  It was later that evening that things got a little hairy.
Several guests, including my niece Lisa and I, rode a little bus over to an abandoned clubhouse on the grounds.  Lisa is a beautician by day and is responsible for keeping my hair looking good in addition to accompanying me on paranormal investigations.  She was never happier when she learned that big hair was coming back into style since that is her own preference.  Lisa is the only person I know who had to buy a bigger car just to accommodate her hair. 
Also in our group was a very tall and muscular police officer, Jerry.  I was glad to have him along because he had a powerful energy about him that inspired confidence.  In our conversations, I found that he had experienced several paranormal occurrences in his life, including receiving phone calls from something that seemed demonic in nature.  He had tolerated it at first, but once he realized that it’s manifestation in his life and the lives of some members of his family and their friends was having a negative effect, he took control and commanded it to leave.  It did depart, which further increased my confidence in him.  His lovely wife, Andrea, was along, eager to see if she might capture any wayward entities with her digital camera.  Often, a spiritual presence will create orbs of light that can be photographed best digitally.
The atmosphere was dark and creepy when we arrived at the clubhouse, but we gathered our courage and entered the deserted building.  Almost all of us immediately began to experience one type of frightening episode after another, such as having feelings of oppression, sensations of being touched, etc.  As we entered the second floor, Andrea commented that her camera had gone totally dead.  Others in the group noticed that the same thing had happened to their equipment as well.  It is a common occurrence for spirits to drain energy from the batteries.  They also draw energy from humans, and this action creates a sensation of fear.
It was at that moment that I felt an extreme presence, that of a man.  The man seemed to be dressed in attire common to the early 1920s.  He appeared to be very well off, and amused by our growing panic.  I also felt the presence of many others emerging from their realm into ours at this point.  They seemed to be having sport with us, laughing and pointing as they gathered around us.  Then a caretaker presented himself.  He was angry.  He said that we were uninvited.  He said that we made the floors muddy with our dirty feet.  At this point, I felt a sudden and intense pressure to my belly.  I felt that I had been punched.  What I experienced was not painful, but the force forced my breath from me, and I felt that I might throw up.  I could not speak.  Again, and again, the force struck me.  At this point, Jerry wrapped his arms around me and guided me down the hall and to the lower level.  The rest of our group followed.
We left that building and went back to the main part of the hotel.  Not ready to give up our ghost hunting, we walked to another area of known haunting, a former nightclub.  As soon as we stepped from the elevator, I felt overwhelmed and turned to go.  Unfortunately, the elevator door had already closed.  Immediately I felt the presence of the woman known as the “Pink Lady” by those familiar with the Inn’s history.  I felt that she was accompanied by another spirit, that of a man.  Just as suddenly, I felt the spirit of an elderly woman.  She got right in my face, laughed, and said that she was a witch and that she kept company with the others that were there.  Her energy was overwhelming.  I explained excitedly to our entourage what I was feeling.  I told them she was touching my face.  Andrea, who remained calm under every circumstance, snapped a photo.  Sure enough, an orb was photographed touching my cheek.  Finally, the elevator door opened, and I left the group to proceed without me.
The next night, we ventured out again.  I decided to cut the evening short, however, and returned to my room.  My daughter Jayme, my assistant for the second night, was eager to go to the clubhouse.  She reported that when the group entered the building, they all agreed that the energy of this night was much lighter than the night before.  My daughter thought it was all a hoot and said later that she felt intoxicated.  Another guest also reported experiencing similar sensations.  Jayme felt so frivolous, in fact, that she stood under a dust cover and pretended to be a ghost.  Oddly enough, while doing her Casper imitation, several photos were taken that showed her to be covered in orbs.
Later that night, I had my most frightening experience of the trip, though not of the type that might be expected.  Jayme and I were both in our room in our respective beds.  The accommodations were very nice, with beautiful furniture, full-length mirrors, and even a little kit to shine your shoes.  I was just dozing off when I realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth.  Although the room was dark, there was just a tiny bit of light coming through the door, so I decided to leave the lamp light out so as not to wake my daughter. 
As I went toward the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of some movement directly in front of me.  It became a little clearer as I neared it, and seemed to be a figure, yes, a female figure dressed in a filmy white gown.  I looked closer in shock at the advancing figure, and saw an expression of terror gazing back at me.  I grabbed my heart and stumbled backwards.  The figure in front of me did the same.  A scream began to escape from my throat. 
Just then, I realized that the horrifying apparition was actually my own reflection in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door.  I clasped my hand over my mouth and leaned against the wall for a while until I was calm enough to quietly go back to bed.  The next day, Lisa reported hearing unearthly moans and muffled screams that seemed to be coming from right inside our room, but had felt so unnerved that she had pretended to be asleep in hopes that whatever evil was lurking there would pass over and leave her unharmed.  I agreed that was the best course of action, and decided to just keep my little episode to myself for a while.  Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

I “saw” a spirit and told those who were with us that the spirit was touching my face.  This orb was photographed in the place that I felt my cheek being touched.

Chapter 2 Nautical Adventure

Jayme and Lisa, with my son’s girlfriend Kim, were also along for another one of my misadventures.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and we girls pooled our money and rented a pontoon so that we might have a carefree day of floating about the lake.  Lisa was piloting the boat, and we were having a grand time traveling the full length of Lake James. 
Jayme and Lisa decided a swim would be fun, but we had not brought swimsuits, as this had been an impulsive trip.  They figured it would not matter, since they were wearing tee shirts.  They dropped their shorts and went into the water wearing only their tee shirts and undies.  They were having a ball.  They were having so much fun that I decided to join them.  I was wearing a button-up shirt, however, and I did not want to get it wet.  Therefore, I decided to just go in my underwear and bra.  I was wearing my favorite “granny” panties that boast a lively zebra design, so I hoped that from a distance they might be mistaken for a sporty swimsuit.  However, because the boat was anchored in a private cove, and since the ladder going down into the water was facing the embankment, I felt safe from prying eyes. 
 The girls were greatly amused by my attire and began heartily laughing as soon as I began my descent.  Jayme in fact, became so overcome by the whole situation that she began sinking, all the while yelling that she was drowning, between gasps and giggles.  I paid no mind, however, and dropped into the water.  I have gained a little weight and am not as active as I once was, so I was a little startled at how quickly I dropped and how deeply I sank.  I fought back panic as I sank for what seemed to be an eternity.  I felt water enter my nose as I continued my downward plunge.  I kicked my legs, and waved my arms and tried to stay calm as I reminded myself that I would float if I would relax.  Finally, I breeched the surface only to face the contorted faces of the girls, who said I went a full inch under the surface and bobbed straight back to the top like a cork. 
I turned my back to them and swam away only to be promptly caught in a current that began dragging me away from the boat and toward the shore.  I floated on my back and worked very hard to move toward the boat without making much progress, so I donned a life vest that was tossed to me in order to rest a bit.  Soon, I decided to climb back into the boat.  Lisa and Jayme did the same.  Lisa began to climb the ladder, but had a terrible time since it was barely in the water.  She stuck one foot over the railing and hung nearly upside down while struggling to gain control and get on board.  Finally, after flailing about for several minutes, she managed to get her feet under her.  I looked at the ladder, horrified that I might not be able to repeat Lisa’s success, when I realized that with the quick snap of a latch the ladder would extend several feet further down and thus be within easy reach.  Joyous with my discovery, and even more joyful that the discovery was made after Lisa’s escapade, I advanced on the pontoon.  It was not an easy climb and I had to pause several times before righting myself.  I then got dressed, secure in the knowledge that my display had gone unnoticed except by my companions. 
It was at this point that the old man in his fishing boat pulled away from the edge of the cove and went speeding by.  He stared at us intently with a huge grin on his gnarly face.  I am thinking he caught not only a fish, but also an eyeful. 
Play is important to maintaining balance in your life.  As usual, my playtime resulted in yet another embarrassing moment.
Play is an important balancer.  By allowing our inner child out to play, we keep that child contented, our mind rested, and our body healthy.  When we see life through the eyes of a child, we often see through the complexity of life and experience more of life's simplicity.

Chapter 3 Journey in Spirit

As an exercise in spiritual development, I decided to take a walk outside myself and into the spirit world.  I chose a tarot card, that of the “world”, to assist me in this endeavor.  The world card is a card of abundance and shows an image of an unclothed woman, a mother figure, who is literally standing in blue sky.  This card seemed to pull on me for reasons that I did not understand, so I chose this card and the figure on it as my guide.  I sat in a comfortable chair, relaxed, and closed my eyes. 
I imagined that the card was the size of a door and that it was standing alone in the middle of the room.  I imagined that I stood up in my spirit, leaving my body in my chair, and I walked into the card.  As I entered that realm, the cardboard image became a three-dimensional world.  I felt so excited, but when I realized that the woman was unclothed, I was suddenly embarrassed and averted my eyes.  She laughed, and I realized that it is true that fairies’ laughter sounds like the tinkling of bells.  When I looked at her again, she was clothed in a sarong, as was I.
She took my hands and we began to fly through space.  I felt light and filled with excitement.  We stopped, stood in the air, and held hands while we faced each other.  We begin to spin and I remembered how it felt to be a child again.  Suddenly, she released one hand, pulled me through space by my other hand, and headed straight for the sun.  I became afraid and tried to pull away, but she held tight.  As we neared the sun, we flew even faster and, although I was terrified, I did not feel heat.  In a matter of seconds, we were in the sun, but were not consumed.  I looked at her and then at myself.  We were both part of the sun, and existed as pure light.  Once again, she took my hand and pulled me in order to leave, but I did not wish to go.  I wanted to stay, as I was completely at peace and filled with joy.  Again, she proved too strong and pulled me back into space.  I saw that we were now composed of millions of particles of light.  While we had regained our forms, we had retained the light.  I felt overjoyed, and again she laughed.  She took my hands and we began a slow spiral descent, back to blue sky, and back to the door way.  She smiled at me, and released my hands as I stepped back into my room.  As I turned to look at her, she was once again an unclothed image in a mere drawing.  I returned to my body, breathed a deep cleansing breath, and opened my eyes.
I am certain that although I was again in physical form, the essence of the light was still part of me.
If you would like to step out in spirit, you may try the following exercise.  First, find a comfortable and quiet spot.  Take deep calming breaths and allow your body to relax.  You might like to have soft music playing and perhaps burn incense and /or candles.  Imagine that you are glowing with light and that your angels are surrounding you.  Next, Imagine that you are so heavy that you slip right out of your body right down to the floor, or that you are so light that you touch the ceiling.  Then imagine that you are walking through a doorway that has opened right in the middle of your room.  As you pass through the doorway, pretend that you are walking into a beautiful garden where flowers are growing, birds are singing, etc.  You can also “walk” into a favorite painting or into a place you have visited or remember from childhood.  Imagine that you experience a shower that washes away any bad feelings that you have been experiencing, and then feel warm sunshine on your face.  Pretend that you meet a rabbit that talks, a white unicorn, or a ladybug that is really a lady.  You might also imagine that you are walking through a tunnel toward a light.  As you travel through the tunnel, you allow yourself to see visions of yourself as you may have existed in a past life.  Remind yourself that you are safe from the emotions of that time and allow yourself to merely observe.
In time, you may have a guide approach you, in whatever form you choose, to help you with challenges you may be facing.  If you are given information that you do not later remember, or are given gifts of any kind, you will retain the essence of that so that you have what you need when you need it.  You may not comprehend what is imparted to you at first, but in time, you should acquire the necessary insight.
If you feel uncomfortable at any time, simply stop.  In time, you may wish to wrestle inner demons by envisioning them as characters that embody your emotions or aspects of your own personality.  Remember, you are in control, and never do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
When you are ready, imagine yourself walking back into your body.  Focus on your breathing again.  Feel yourself fitting back into your environment, relaxed and refreshed.
Imagination is a powerful tool, and perhaps it is its’ own reality.  Through your imagination and imagery, you can affirm what you wish to believe, and through your beliefs you can often manifest the reality you wish to create.  Through imagination, you increase your creativity, which in turn enhances your intuition.  Simply daydreaming is a wonderful way to open doors in your mind and experience the magic of imagination.


Chapter 4 Dear Diary

Dear Diary:  It has been just another day as usual.  I cannot say that I slept very well last night as I was awakened in the middle of the night only to see the specter of a man standing beside my bed.  He was unshaven, had long curly hair, and was wearing a tank top undershirt and boxer underpants.  He even had a towel wrapped around his neck.  His expression indicated that he thought that I was the one in the wrong place.  Though startled at first, I decided that tonight I was not going to be bothered, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  This was very different from my experience the night before.  I had fallen asleep with the phone on the bed only to awaken to what I thought was it ringing.  I picked up the phone and said “hello.”  There was no answer, but I heard what seemed to be a sound similar to what a fax machine or computer, but soon realized that the sound did not come from the phone but from beside the bed.  I was very groggy, and very calm as I saw the shadows of two very thin man-like creatures standing beside the bed.  One being was about three feet tall and the other was perhaps about four feet tall.  The taller being carried a small box hanging by a strap from his shoulder.  They both seemed to be looking at me, but I did not feel afraid.  I felt curiosity instead.  As the fax sound continued, I thought, “So that is what they sound like.”  Immediately after that thought, I fell into a deep sleep and remained asleep until the next morning.
I saw a new client this morning, dear diary: a woman who was worried about her husband, as she was uncertain of his love for her.  I reassured her that I felt he loved her.  This made her so happy that she decided to ask about her relationship with her boyfriend as well.
Wren, my evil attack Chihuahua, engineered an escape from the porch today, and stealthily began to make her way across the road.  She spied a neighborhood child making his way home riding a “Big Wheel.”  If there is anything that Wren likes less than a child, it is a child on a Big Wheel.  She also spied her nemesis, the dreaded black lab, lying in his front yard.  Wren took one look back at me, calculated the distance, and figured I did not stand a chance of catching her before she made her move.  Her decision was not whether to attack, but rather whom to attack.  She decided her best bet was to go for the lab.  I took off in hot pursuit and caught her within two feet of her attacking a very startled-looking canine.  Wren was very angry about being captured and the hair stood up on her spine for several minutes.
I did receive some interesting phone calls today.  Someone in Taiwan was lost, and fortunately, I was able to help his family locate him.  I described a certain area and, since it was a place familiar to them, he was found alive and well.
A mother brought her daughter by earlier.  It seems as if the child has vision problems and asked that I share healing energy with her.  I had done this before, and it had helped her.  Naturally, I was happy to be of assistance and to do that again.
A woman came by who wanted help in communicating with her loved ones whom had passed on.  Though it took quite a bit of energy, I was able to comfort her and she felt satisfied with the information she received.  A very creative woman also came by and I mediated for her spirit guide.  She was an interesting woman, an old soul I am sure.  Finally, a man visited and discussed his financial concerns and property dealings.  I do feel that things will improve for him soon.
I received word that a client’s father had passed away quite suddenly.  She said that I had told her in her session that she needed to spend time with her father, as he was not well.  She did not believe me and had felt her dad was fine.  Three days later, her dad died unexpectedly from a heart attack.  It is very sad.
Oh, I also received a message from a client who attended a group session and wrote down some of my comments.  It seems that before the presidential election in 2000, I had been recorded saying the following: “An imposter will take the White House.  A great explosion will occur in the northeast and will reverberate throughout the land.  A man in a white turban will be behind it all.”  Oddly enough, I had forgotten having said any of that.  That reminds me too of the vision I had and that my friend recorded just before going on the air with my radio show.  I had envisioned a wall of water coming into a city.  Panic-stricken people were everywhere, and I had felt a dam might have given way.  I am assuming, of course, that I had perceived the levy break in New Orleans that occurred shortly thereafter.
All in all, dear diary, it was just another day.  Maybe tomorrow, something truly amazing will happen.  Until then: good night.

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CHAPTERS 20-23 of my book-- scroll down for previous chapters and/or video blogs

Chapter 20 It is the Thought That Counts

For my birthday, I received a beautiful ceramic giraffe for my office.  It was an especially surprising present because it came from James.  I was expecting a gift like the one he had given me for our wedding anniversary a month earlier- a flashlight.  James’ style of gift-giving is unique, to say the least.
On our first date, James had me wait in the car while he ran in to a drug store to buy me a little token of his affection.  I thought that was awfully sweet of him.  I imagined getting something like a box of chocolate, or maybe some perfume.  Instead, he emerged with a little bag, presented it to me, and eagerly awaited my response.  My gift?  A pencil sharpener.  Not just any pencil sharpener, mind you, but a wall-mounted purple one.  I had to give him points for originality.
Last Christmas, I pointed out a toy organ to James at the dollar store.  I remarked that it would be a fun thing to play with on Christmas morning.  It was very inexpensive, and even had batteries included.  We played on it for a few moments in the store, having fun with all the sounds programmed into it.
A few days later, James came into a little money, so we went shopping. Our first stop: The dollar store, of course.  James asked me to go to the car, and I thought I knew what was going on in his head since he could barely contain his excitement.  He was going to buy me the organ. 
I was a good sport and went on out to the car. James soon came out grinning, holding a tightly-closed bag.  It was so thin I could see right through it.  I averted my eyes so that I would not actually see it for too long and thus spoil his surprise.  When he got to the car, he carefully placed the package on the back seat.  However, he placed it upside down, and suddenly it sounded like somebody was beating the heck out of cymbals in the back of the car.  I turned on the radio to mask the sound, which was quickly silenced.  We drove the short distance home without much trouble until we hit a bump in the driveway.  Out of the blue, a trumpet blared from the back seat.  Mercifully, it stopped quickly and I was able to sing along with the radio and pretend it did not happen.  As we walked onto my front porch, yet another round of organ magic started up, and I ran inside as if I could outpace the speed of sound.  My son met us at the door and took the package from James.  This released a whole percussion section that sent Dusty scurrying out the back door and me dashing into my home office. 
Later, as the organ sat under the tree nicely wrapped, it was often played with gusto by our two very curious kittens.  Still, I think I feigned great surprise rather well when I opened it on Christmas morning, and James feigned great relief that I did.
We reap what we sow, and it is good to sow gifts of time, shared experiences, humor and love.

Chapter 21 Office Shenanigans

Any home where I have ever lived has been the site of much paranormal and unexplained activity. The same holds true for the offices I have occupied through the years as well. I think that’s because my energy attracts such goings-on, and, of course, I have the ability to see them. Everyone loves an audience, especially wayward spirits.
The first office that I rented was in a converted motel. My space consisted of two rooms at the top of the stairs over a health food store.  The folks from the store warned us when we moved in that the office might be haunted as they had often felt a presence in their place.  The presence was so strong that one of the workers had researched the history of the building and found that a traveling salesman had been murdered there some years before. 
The stairway up to the office was L shaped, and a light switch was located at the foot of the stairs, at the turn in the middle, and another at the top.  One evening after turning off the light switch at the top of the stairs and walking down to the landing midway, I was surprised to hear the switch click on behind me and to have the darkened stairs become illuminated once again.  After glancing behind me and seeing no one, I hurried from the building, leaving lights on and door unlocked.
Another day, while busy at my computer, I happened to look up from my desk and see the transparent figure of a man ascending the stairs.  He then completely faded from view just as quickly and silently as he had appeared.
One night my friend and helper Kim, my canine assistant Baby, and I returned to the office after conducting a paranormal investigation for some folks in a nearby mountain town.  It had been a cold and rainy day, and the damp night air had chilled us to the bone.  On our arrival at the office, we locked the main door and ran upstairs to the waiting room.  Once there, we closed that door behind us and turned on a wall heater that was behind the door.  As the three of us huddled there to get warm, we suddenly became aware of the sound of footsteps on the stairway.  Our mouths dropped open and we looked at each other in fear.  We were both certain that we had firmly locked the outside door at the bottom of the stairs before entering the office.  The steps continued their slow ascent.  Baby became alert and looked through the crack in the door while Kim and I remained frozen in place.  Suddenly, our fear increased greatly as the sound of a gentle whistling of a tune began just beyond our door at the top of the stairs.  It was a mere seven notes, but was loud and clear enough to send chills up our spine.  We got up our courage and gently opened the door, and Baby went through it, evidently intent on conducting a paranormal investigation of her own.  When she did not sound an alarm, we opened the door more widely and saw that, without a doubt, no one was there at all- at least not anyone of this world.
Another office in town that I rented for a while was small office and narrow, but long.  There was a front room and a hallway that led to another room in the back.  Upon my arrival, I expected that if any spirits were about, that they would be sure to make themselves known.  I was not disappointed.
I fussed at my husband James as we were preparing to leave the office:  “James,” I said, “have you been moving my business cards again?”  He denied having done any such thing.  I once again had found that the cards were not in their holder, but scattered on the coffee table.  I had placed them back into the holder, and wondered how the cards came to be repeatedly strewn about.  I remarked to James as we walked through the door, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we came back tomorrow and the cards were out on the table again?”  He agreed that would be quite interesting.
The next day my client arrived and sat down on the sofa. I took my place opposite her and started to speak when I noticed that the cards were not only out of the holder, but fanned carefully out on the table.  I was startled to say the least.  When my client had left, I put the cards back once again into their rightful place and left to go about my business with the computer, which was in the front room.  Before that evening, I returned to the back room to lock the door, when yet again the cards were waiting for me.  This time they were standing up and leaning back on the holder.  I became so unnerved that I went home immediately.  Later, I had James return with me and I went to the back room and spoke to the spirit that was toying with me.  I explained what I was doing there, that I only wanted to do my work, help people, and maybe make a little money.  I asked that he please not scare me.
The cards stayed in their holder after that, and on most days, the spirit was a quiet and therefore delightful office mate.  For that, I am truly grateful.
My home office has also provided some interesting moments.  My friend Martha was sitting typing away at my computer while I lay on my couch and chatted with her.  As I talked, I noticed that a pencil sketch of a fairy that I had drawn and mounted on the wall had become somewhat unfocused.  It was as if I were looking through heat waves, the kind one sees on a highway in the summer.  I pointed this out to Martha, who also saw this happening.  Then, as we watched, the fairy girl who was portrayed as looking down into a rippling pond quickly glanced directly at us, then back again to the water that was drawn before her.  It happened very quickly, but both of us witnessed the same action.
Spirits can and do interact with us through inanimate objects.  They are at times caught in photographs, usually as orbs, since this is a natural shape for energy to assume.  Sometimes, they are caught on film in a more human form,
I had a new toy, a digital camera.  In celebration of my acquisition, I took photos of all of my friends who happened to visit me. Jeanine is one of those people who gladly smile and pose for the camera, so I snapped a picture of her.  Unfortunately, I realized too late that I should have set the camera to flash.  When I downloaded the picture, I fully expected it to be dim, and in fact, it was dim and quite blurry.  However, in the corner across the room from where Jeanine was posing, there was a face visible.  I thought this was an interesting illusion and zoomed in on the likeness so that I could see what it might really be.  The image became even clearer. In the photo was a man’s bearded face.  There seemed to be something on his head, and further enlarging revealed what might be a crown.  The man in the photo seemed to be looking directly into the camera, his back against the office wall.  I wondered if he might be a guide, watching over me as I worked.  I would like to think so, and I choose to believe that he is my friend. 
Sometimes spirits mistake our life force for the light, or they mistake our bodies for theirs.  They may follow you home or attach to you at times.  If they attach to you, you will feel extreme depression or anxiety, but they will fall off in time since you have a natural defense.  The best thing to do, however, is to remove them from your being.  Do it this way:  Imagine that you have light coming up from inside you until you are glowing.  Imagine that the dark globs are falling away from you as the light grows. Ask the angels that surround you to remove foreign entities from your energy as well. 
Remember, light is your friend, it is of God, and nothing dark can penetrate true light.
A person is more at risk for attachment if they are intoxicated and put themselves in a vulnerable position, have an unhealthy interest in the occult, or make a habit of hanging out in places thought to be haunted. Therefore, make sure you keep a healthy and positive outlook on life.

This face appeared in upper right corner of digital photo.  The Previous& succeeding photo appeared normal.

Chapter 22 Healing

Even the simplicity of life can be overwhelming at times.  How we focus our energy determines how we perceive the world around us.  If we focus on joyfulness, we create a joyful reality.  If we believe in our body’s ability to heal, we may create good health as well.
Often I have been asked to lay hands on someone in order to assist a body in need of healing.  I feel we can be used as conduits in this way and can infuse one with healing energy.  By visualizing a person in need of healing as surrounded by light, and imagining that they absorb the light, we may assist them in healing as well.
I have noticed that at times while in session that my hands become hot, and at the same time, I have an impression of an illness or wound in their energy field, or aura.  When I “send” them energy, often they find relief.  On at least two occasions, I was told that cancer was totally healed.  Other times, I felt that they might receive healing, but with the help of either traditional or alternative medicine.  I would never, under any circumstances, allow someone to substitute my work for medical intervention.  
While some folks are meant to be healed, or at least experience some relief, others are not.  I feel that I can send energy, but it may not always be in someone’s life plan to be healed in such a way, or in some cases, or to be healed at all.  I feel my job is to send the energy, release that to do what it needs to do, and detach from the result.
While most people have been appreciative of my efforts, unfortunately I found that on two occasions that the person receiving the healing became afraid of me because they had, in fact, been healed.  Because I did not understand that people fear their own power, much less perceived power in others, I was hurt and for some time I rarely shared this energy unless I was asked to do so by someone I trusted.  In time, I felt that I needed to overcome my own hesitation and fear, and now make it a daily part of my routine.  I wonder how much good we could do for ourselves and others if we could find the courage to step out of what is familiar and trust that there is power accessible to all of us if we could believe that it is so. 

Chapter 23 Mouse

It is becoming clear to me that my pets are living a double life.  They are a social bunch, often entertaining other people’s pets at all hours of the day and night.  Strange cats frequently come in through the doggie door at night and make themselves at home. On one occasion, a neighbor’s cat was found actually sitting on the toilet relieving himself.  Our pets get indignant if they are caught cavorting in the house with off-limits cats, birds, little snakes, or whatever. They pretend that they had never met the creature until that very moment , and then make a lot of noise and commotion putting the guest out of the house. That is all for my benefit, of course.  I’m also sure that on one occasion my pets were having a meeting , with a guest speaker no less, until I inadvertently broke it up.
James, the “children”, and I had retired for the evening when we suddenly heard a high-pitched squeak coming from the next room.  “Oh no,” I thought.  “The cats have a mouse cornered.”  Well, I was awfully tired and I did not want to get up, so I just said a prayer for the mouse to make an escape.  The house became quiet, and I thought the creature must have found safety. Relieved, I began to drift back to sleep.
The squeaking started again.  The children went all to pieces.  They jumped down and started a mouse hunt.  I realized that the mouse had moved into the next room and was actually getting closer to us, and thus danger.  Being drowsy, I suggested that we just shut the door to the adjoining room and plan to deal with it in the morning.  We did, and again, we went to bed.  The children were restless and uneasy still. 
Soon, the squeak began again, and I kid you not:  the mouse was scratching on our door.  I was unnerved.  I decided to put a stop to it and went in to capture the intruder.  James found a box, but naturally it was full of holes, so I found another long box that I hoped would create a tunnel that the mouse might want to run in to.  I slipped in quietly, but then the children rammed the door and soon all eyes were intensely focusing on the coal shuttle, which was partially covered by a throw rug.  I slid the box down by an opening and asked the mouse to run in to it.  It did not.  It scoffed at my plan, and I could feel its disdain.
 Then, the thing stuck its head out through another opening and squeaked loudly.  I braced myself for the onslaught of wrath that I have learned to expect of the children, but it did not happen.  They just became more interested, as if the mouse had said something of great importance.  The mouse peeked out and gave another squeak. Then, it stuck out his head and sniffed the nose of my lead cat Cooper.  He remained oddly still. Our visitor squeaked some more; then withdrew.  I saw my chance, picked up the shuttle, and carried it to the deck with all of the children following closely behind.  Once outside, they all grabbed seats where they could find them in order to continue to hear whatever profound message this prophetic mouse was going to deliver.  They were paying rapt attention so I left them to their sermon and went back to bed.  Later, they returned, calmer, and I believe more thoughtful. 
The mouse was not seen again.  Maybe he will return.  Maybe he left instructions as what to do until then.  Maybe I should get a lock on the doggy door.  I just don’t know.  I am just not going to think about it anymore.