Here I am! click here...(except I'm not card reader as pic in video suggests!.. nor do i have those nails! lol! this was created as a promo reel by a dude in Hollywood)) 

  Due to number of requests, I may not always be able to reply, but I will do my best and will certainly pray for you all. Meanwhile, I hope my vlogs can be helpful to you, I try hard to speak to you as I feel led to do so. 

session info
NOTICE: As I'm semi retired now, things have changed.  I'm not making appointments as I once did, but if you want to talk with me, just email or text and let me know. I will get back to you pretty quickly if I'm able, and if you are flexible with a few days or so, we can do a phone consult then. If you are not free on short notice and are patient, we'll keep trying til we get 'er done... and actually, this is much quicker than before.. I'm sorry if this is not going to work for anyone, but again, it's actually much faster especially for returning clients.  PHONE clients are preferred.. visits are ok if returning client, but phone is best otherwise. 

   Just contact me via email for an appointment or text. 
   I generally see folks Tuesdays through Fridays.. in person or even better these days via phone (most folks who consult me do not live near me).
    For those who come in person, I see folks in my home in Marion, NC.  Be aware.. I have indoor and often annoying pets. sigh.  
   Either way, I am VERY casual, and I simply chat with you and tell you all I can see/feel.  I do my best when I'm comfortable and just having a conversation.  
    I do not charge anyone or ask individuals for money, but I do accept and am very grateful for any and all donations, as it is only through your generosity that I am able to continue my work. 
    Just contact me via email  for an appointment or text me at 828-527-3333.  I simply talk with you in a very casual way while I share with you all that I feel/see. Most folks stay about an hour, and much of the time, 2 or even 3 friends come in together. You are welcome to take notes.
FYI: I am legally ordained via Universal Brotherhood, an interfaith ministry.
  *If you have a phone or email session, please remember that I do rely on and am very grateful for your donation in any amount. I am happy to continue working with those especially those who respect my efforts.  
      Donations may be made via PayPal, Venmo (angela-moore-57), cash ap ($angelafayemoore,) apple pay, credit card - etc or ask me for address for snail mail.