Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interesting article

Former Army Colonel: UFO Witnesses Need Amnesty
If you're in the military and have ever seen what you believe to be a UFO, but were reluctant to mention it for fear of...Former Army Colonel: UFO Witnesses Need Amnesty

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do I believe in ghosts?

  Just today, a girl whom I have known for years, actually asked me if I believed in ghosts.  I asked her if she had not met me. I have often wondered if I am a haunted person! I moved several times in this same county when young, and I had to wonder if every place I lived was haunted.  Finally, I realized, maybe it is me, not the houses.  Maybe I stir things up.  I do know my kids-- mostly my son-- tend to have the same effect on their environment.  I have am happy to say that I have witnesses to much of what I have seen, or I might truly throw in the towel, thinking I am just not right!
  I have come to believe that there are many levels of spiritual activity.  There seem to be spirits that are common- these are what we refer to as ghosts.  Then there are higher level spirits who work with us and guide us, often on an unconscious level. Sometimes, I feel terribly afraid when I meet common spirits, as the energy is too much for my physical body. Other times, I have not realized that the person that I was talking to was even a spirit-- as they appeared as physical as you and I.  I did not realize what had happened until they were gone.  Usually I sense spirits and/or have a vision of them in my minds eye-- this is the case usually for higher level spirits.(those who have gone on to higher levels)  Sometimes spirits appear as a shadow or like the heat waves that come up off the highway.   I usually do not seek these things out by the way, unless it is to help someone, as there are also pretender spirits-- mischievous spirits who like to play naughty games, or worse,  take over one's physical body and free will.
 I have and will investigate such things if need be, but often I can sense them from right at home-- time/space is as close as a thought. (a subject for another blog)
  Well, I could go on. You can read about some of my experiences if you wish in my book that is on this site. (i will email you a copy free if you ask)
I am thinking that you may have many experiences of your own though.  I am finding most people do.