Saturday, August 12, 2017

Here is the weird for the day.. it actually happened yesterday. I went into big daddy's store (local to Marion) to pay for gas. As there was a long line, and as I had a craving for something sweet, I decided to get myself a chocolate pastry. The shelves were about empty, so there was only one chocolate choice.. one cupcake package made by unknown (to me) brand. There was also a cinnamon type coffee cake which looked even better. I stood there and actually struggled over my decision..a long I said, the line was long and slow, as well. Finally.. I decided to get both, the cinnamon thing for James for later, and the chocolate cupcake pack for myself. I decided to get it, even tho I was unfamiliar with the brand, because it was the ONLY thing of it's kind, and I figured it must be good or there wouldn't be only ONE left. As I said tho, the whole thing was not fully stocked at all. Slim pickin's. SO.. I get that, go to line, pay for it all and as I pick it up, I see the cinnamon cake, and... an APPLE UGLY.. I was shocked because I know I picked up the cupcake and I never saw an apple ugly at all.. it was not even same size, shape - it would have felt so different in my hand.. or whatever.. I know that is not what I had.. I was so (but quietly) freaked out that I asked cashier had sold that to someone else and they forgot it or what, but no.. a lady beside me and a man behind me seem to have also thought i had something else in my hand, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I told cashier that I trading it and so I went back there, and now.. on the rack, there were 2.. 2 cupcake packs, side by side.. . And as I said, I bought the one because in fact-- it was the ONLY one. I went ahead and got one, and as it was a bit cheaper, I showed it to cashier and said to just keep the extra 20 cents and throw it in the penny thing. This is could just me having had a mental lapse.. which maybe it was. But I am telling you, I was very particular about that decision and I feel it was on that counter until after I paid and as I said, I know there was only one cupcake, and I got it myself! SO, I think: is this me jumping timelines, dimensional shifts, or maybe it's time to call the home. Maybe the veil between worlds is thinning. Or not. just, this happened, there you go.
OH>>not making this up either.. my iphone, which is messing up, has not once but 3 times in 2 days, suddenly recharged itself several degrees. It is at a very low point, then I pick it up, and it's 10 points higher. Three times so far.

thoughts on energy today

I had an usual vision during a session yesterday when discussing world events with clients.  I "saw" a sleeping dragon awakening... slowly, but surely.  You can make of it what you will.  I feel it's China.
Anyway, don't worry about it. I'm just sharing something I saw.
I think there are some strangeness going on in general.. myself, and a few others that I personally know, are waking up in the middle of the night.. 3 am.. and feeling that it is already day.  I wouldn't have mentioned this, but after finding out others are doing it, I decided that I would say so.  I feel it's almost like time itself is phasing in and out.  My grandson is even saying to wake him up if we wake and it's 3 am because he thinks something spooky but magical might happen at that time.  Anyway, as they say, this too shall pass, I'm just sharing some thoughts.
I share much more on FB in general, tho it is randomly mixed in with mundane - very mundane- stuff.  Still, I do post much more there, if interested.  (like weird things that happened to me today)