Thursday, August 27, 2009


I will tell you a true story, and I will let you interpret it. Maybe I told you already, but here it is again anyway. It feels personal, but I feel I am to share it, tho I am not sure why. A few years ago, I was sitting in my home office, and as I looked around at the nice things that people have given me over the years, I realized that I had nothing that related to my own christian heritage. I started thinking about something that I might put in there, but nothing came to mind-- except maybe a virgin Mary statue. I felt that I needed one. Now, I have to tell you, I was brought up Baptist, so that thought made NO sense to me at all. Still, it sort of struck me as a strange but strong thought.Well, later on, about a month or so-- a man came to see me. He brought me a gift because he said he had found this while cleaning out a closet and felt that it belonged to me, that this is "ANGELA'S"-- that my office needed it. and it was, of course, a stature of Mary. I had met this man once before, and had said NOTHING to him that should indicate that this would be an appropriate gift. He is a catholic music minister-- but again, he had no reason to think I would possess this. I loved it tho, and I still have it in my office. Now.. this happened a little later on. I had a dream. I was floating in the air going toward my home (someone unseen was with me, a guide, as always happens in this type of dream). I was looking down and saw all of these cars parked on the side of the road. I was wondering where all of these cars were going to be backed upon the road like this. Then, I was in my home and someone was at the door. I looked out and a woman was there, but so were a ton of other people. I leaned out and saw that there were cars all in my drive way. Then, I looked at the road and I saw that there was a line of people as far out that road as I could see, and I realized that this was the same line of cars I saw a few moments ago. The people were all here to be healed-- something that happens on occasion here, tho I don't understand it, and not sure what it is all about-- and of course people often feel emotionally healed or at least helped at times-- but, alas, I digress. At this point, in the dream, I stepped back in panic and closed the door. Then, I suddenly found myself floating up over the top of my home.. and I was facing the image of Mary who was floating there... about 2 feet above the top. I was just looking at her-- freaked out, I might add-- and I told her that I could NOT do this-- that what was she thinking-- What the heck!! She told me I could, just take them one at a time. SO, I was back at the door. I thought, okay, I will just do the best I can. I took this plastic chair and sat in it at the edge of the porch, and I sat this big glass jar at my feet because I knew I would need donations so that I could live (even in my dreams, i am still a hillbilly in a trailer, ha-ha) --and I just started putting my hands on theirs, one person at a time. I thought, well, I'll just do this and see what happens. That was the end of the dream. Shortly after, I was invited to be on coast to coast which is a national show, and I literally had several hundred people in line (ON-line) wanting my attention. I did the best I could, but it was overwhelming. I did best I could tho, but it bothers me because I could not answer them all at that time. Maybe that was what that dream meant, I don't know. For whatever reason tho, I am thinking of that dream, and of Mary, and it feels significant not only for me but for the world in general. I feel that she is telling me that something big is coming, something perhaps for the world and that we just need to know that. so, that is my story, just so you know. By the way, totally off subject, I felt "mars" today, lord knows why. but just for a split second, I was there... in my mind. go figure. maybe something about mars will be in news or something, who knows.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fear vs love

I am sure you have heard the story now, about a young boy who asked his shaman grandfather how he managed to stay content. The grandfather told him that within his spirit, there was a battle between 2 wolves. One was named fear, the other love. The boy asked him who wins-- the grandfather replied, which ever one I feed. It is important to remember that all emotions are rooted in either fear, or love. When we put energy into one, we will get results back from that one. If we are afraid of what bad thing MIGHT happen, we create anxiety, rage and worse. IF we put energy into love-- or hopeful things, we can get back hopeful and helpful results-- or at least a rational chance of that. When you feel a very strong emotion, trace it back: ask yourself where does this come from. Ask yourself what you fear, and sit with that awhile. Sometimes fear is a valid emotion and a needful thing, but out of balance, it can steal your joy of living.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

what was that?

Have you ever seen a spirit? Well, maybe you have and did not know it. Sometimes, they appear to be like the heat waves that come off pavement... only they are moving around in a cool space! Sometimes, you can see energy briefly appear like that, but it is not moving and may be almost like a tear in "nothing" or the air in front of you. Sometimes you might see a "tear" that has bright light, like yellow or sunlight in it-- that could be a portal to another dimension. I saw that twice-- it was like, someone had burned a squarish hole in thin air, and behind it was solid yellow flame. That was the weirdest thing I believe I ever saw. Some people say they can spot alien craft about sundown, but they use special glasses I think. Josh Warren has info on that on his site I think. However, you may see glimpses of metal in the sky that are there then gone-- just a brief glimpse-- maybe this is such a craft, maybe it is just not visible to the naked eye. All I know is that I am seeing this lately but not until just lately. Sometimes, you might see a black shadow slip across the floor, an inky black shadow. I am not so sure what that is, but sometimes, it feels like the spirit of a cat-- other times, it feels like an earth spirit. Of course, there are other things to see and feel-- I am just naming a few.

rubber band relationship

If you find that you are in a new relationship-- and suddenly you are having to explain the simplest things to your partner - like how to make you feel loved, for example. Or feel that you are being disrespected -- please, take time out and see if this is what is best for you. Once you find yourself trying too hard to get someone's attention, or are having to question if someone really loves you, then why are they doing this or that-- or if they are treating you with contempt-- Please don't try harder-- please do not try to fix them, please understand that investing your emotions in such a person will hurt you more long run than letting them go now will. and be careful-- often when you leave such a person, they will suffer anxiety and will pull you back in as it make them feel better to have the upper hand. Do this more than once and you have a rubber band relationship and, guess what, time is passing by that could be spent finding someone who is healthy and doesn't need training on how to be a good boy/girl friend. I see too much of this (been there and done it) and I hate to see unnecessary suffering.


My grandbaby just took his first few steps the other day. It is so much fun to see him take those steps, but so scary to see him fall. Yet, even tho he falls, he still picks himself up and and keeps on trying. I feel that is how I am too-- I take steps in a new direction and sometimes I make progress, but often I fall on my bum. It takes courage to keep on trying when you are just learning how to go in a new direction! The key to it all is to keep on stepping-- even tho it seems difficult or even a bit painful at times. When you KNOW it is something you have to do, when you know you have some place to go, you just have to keep on going-- keep on stepping-- and keep on picking up when you fall. In time, you will be running, and in hindsight, you may even wonder what all the fuss was about. I wish you the best on your new steps on whatever new path you may be walking.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

movie rec

I recommend this interesting movie—“district 9.” It is very different and thought provoking.
Over 70 people have made reservations for my presentation on 9/18. It may be a good idea to secure that with a check, as many have done so already. Still have a bit of room left!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dreams maybe

Last night, I literally heard a woman-- or 2 women--talking at foot of my bed. I could not understand a word and the voices were distant and sort of in and out. I actually turned on light to check it out. I also wrote a friend from my phone as I felt that he, and myself as well, should be paying attention to our dreams, tho I am not sure why I felt that. Now, I am feeling that I might say the same thing to you, reader. Don't analyze this, but do take note, perhaps, of any interesting dreams that come in the wee hours. Energy is highly erratic. Moods could be going from one extreme to the other. Enjoy the ride, I guess. Still feeling earth changes, including tremors in my neck of woods. This is nothing new, I guess. Anyway, energy is stirred up, stay balanced if you can.

Friday, August 7, 2009

talking to yourself again?

Talking to yourself, the way you would talk to someone you love alot, can often help you get through a problem or help you understand yourself better. The trouble is, we often talk to ourselves terribly-- saying terrible judgmental things that we might not say to someone else.Listen to your words and decide if what you are saying is the best thing to say-- or if you are repeating things that are rooted in bad habits. Also, talking to one's self can give insight. One time, I amused my niece's children by using my hand as a sort of puppet. Their mom had to go inside a store and we were waiting in the car. I used a silly voice and name and pretended to be talking about myself. I am telling you-- it is like the puppet had a voice of it's own-- saying things about me! She (we named her silly sally) said that she was angry because I was too cheap to buy her anything! The kids were laughing and so was I but at the same time, it was like I had entered bizarro world. I realized that I was truly angry with myself because I did deny myself every good thing, especially any nice things-- because I had been reared that way. I just could not feel justified in treating myself to ANYTHING but junk! That episode helped me to realize that I was doing this and that I had HUGE anger stored inside about that. While I now have a fear of my right hand-- I also have valuable insight and can begin correcting that issue. SO-- maybe it is something you can try as an exercise. Don a sock puppet or draw a face on your hand and have a conversation. There is no telling what you might learn if you can let go and try it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chinese handcuffs

Sometimes we struggle and struggle to be free of a situation or to make something happen. When this occurs, maybe it is better to just be still and let go-- too much energy may be working against you-- like-- clogging up the pipes, so to speak. Or-- think of it like this. If you slip your fingers into Chinese handcuffs, then pull-- you will make them tighter and tighter on your fingers. But when you surrender-- and push (perhaps counter intuitively)-- you find yourself free. So, if you find you are wearing yourself out, trying too hard-- think of chinese handcuffs and see if maybe letting go and even backtracking or going in the opposite direction frees things up a bit for you.