Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fear vs love

I am sure you have heard the story now, about a young boy who asked his shaman grandfather how he managed to stay content. The grandfather told him that within his spirit, there was a battle between 2 wolves. One was named fear, the other love. The boy asked him who wins-- the grandfather replied, which ever one I feed. It is important to remember that all emotions are rooted in either fear, or love. When we put energy into one, we will get results back from that one. If we are afraid of what bad thing MIGHT happen, we create anxiety, rage and worse. IF we put energy into love-- or hopeful things, we can get back hopeful and helpful results-- or at least a rational chance of that. When you feel a very strong emotion, trace it back: ask yourself where does this come from. Ask yourself what you fear, and sit with that awhile. Sometimes fear is a valid emotion and a needful thing, but out of balance, it can steal your joy of living.