Thursday, August 27, 2009


I will tell you a true story, and I will let you interpret it. Maybe I told you already, but here it is again anyway. It feels personal, but I feel I am to share it, tho I am not sure why. A few years ago, I was sitting in my home office, and as I looked around at the nice things that people have given me over the years, I realized that I had nothing that related to my own christian heritage. I started thinking about something that I might put in there, but nothing came to mind-- except maybe a virgin Mary statue. I felt that I needed one. Now, I have to tell you, I was brought up Baptist, so that thought made NO sense to me at all. Still, it sort of struck me as a strange but strong thought.Well, later on, about a month or so-- a man came to see me. He brought me a gift because he said he had found this while cleaning out a closet and felt that it belonged to me, that this is "ANGELA'S"-- that my office needed it. and it was, of course, a stature of Mary. I had met this man once before, and had said NOTHING to him that should indicate that this would be an appropriate gift. He is a catholic music minister-- but again, he had no reason to think I would possess this. I loved it tho, and I still have it in my office. Now.. this happened a little later on. I had a dream. I was floating in the air going toward my home (someone unseen was with me, a guide, as always happens in this type of dream). I was looking down and saw all of these cars parked on the side of the road. I was wondering where all of these cars were going to be backed upon the road like this. Then, I was in my home and someone was at the door. I looked out and a woman was there, but so were a ton of other people. I leaned out and saw that there were cars all in my drive way. Then, I looked at the road and I saw that there was a line of people as far out that road as I could see, and I realized that this was the same line of cars I saw a few moments ago. The people were all here to be healed-- something that happens on occasion here, tho I don't understand it, and not sure what it is all about-- and of course people often feel emotionally healed or at least helped at times-- but, alas, I digress. At this point, in the dream, I stepped back in panic and closed the door. Then, I suddenly found myself floating up over the top of my home.. and I was facing the image of Mary who was floating there... about 2 feet above the top. I was just looking at her-- freaked out, I might add-- and I told her that I could NOT do this-- that what was she thinking-- What the heck!! She told me I could, just take them one at a time. SO, I was back at the door. I thought, okay, I will just do the best I can. I took this plastic chair and sat in it at the edge of the porch, and I sat this big glass jar at my feet because I knew I would need donations so that I could live (even in my dreams, i am still a hillbilly in a trailer, ha-ha) --and I just started putting my hands on theirs, one person at a time. I thought, well, I'll just do this and see what happens. That was the end of the dream. Shortly after, I was invited to be on coast to coast which is a national show, and I literally had several hundred people in line (ON-line) wanting my attention. I did the best I could, but it was overwhelming. I did best I could tho, but it bothers me because I could not answer them all at that time. Maybe that was what that dream meant, I don't know. For whatever reason tho, I am thinking of that dream, and of Mary, and it feels significant not only for me but for the world in general. I feel that she is telling me that something big is coming, something perhaps for the world and that we just need to know that. so, that is my story, just so you know. By the way, totally off subject, I felt "mars" today, lord knows why. but just for a split second, I was there... in my mind. go figure. maybe something about mars will be in news or something, who knows.