Wednesday, September 2, 2009

right now, dreams and things

Remember a while back, I dreamed of a man in my room in construction clothes working on TV?? Well, it is that SAME GUY-- back again. I thought I had awakened-- and I looked at the door where I saw a man in construction clothes/hat and a gas mask on his face looking in at me. I thought it might be James for some odd reason and I felt like I wanted to tell him how I felt about him looking in there like that in a gas mask-- but I could not move hardly at all as I felt utterly fatigued. So, as best I could, I raised my hand and shot him a bird-- but I felt that was not enough-- so I raised my other hand and shot him 2 birds, ha-ha! The man (it was not James) just turn and walked away, and I noticed he was carrying a road sign that the propped up on the wall-- like a warning sign. Then, it was over-- I woke up-- the end. Obviously, this was someone, a guide, giving me a warning sign-- something to do with breathing, perhaps. I am feeling that your guides may be contacting you as well, that it may be time for a heightened awareness of our guides, even if we do not always understand the meaning of the information right away. I also feel that while our intuition may be peaking, our attention needs to be on our physical safety and well-being for a while. Pay attention to your body and to your physical needs, surroundings, and also to money matters. try to take a break from routine if you have not done so lately-- balance, as always, is of great importance. I am feeling more earthquakes-- lots of stuff in pacific still getting my attention as well as close to home. be careful out there, not to worry-- just pay attention to what is going on around you for a while.