Thursday, September 3, 2009

strange happenings

Paranormal activity seems to be on the increase. Do not be surprised if it seems like one world is sort of poking a hole in another. While I am not sure why this is happening, I am hearing lots of folks reporting such things. It feels like part of a cycle, some of it may be caused by vibrations akin to anxiety, and some of it may be a sign of the times. Some anxiety now may be related to anniversary syndrome due to 9/11, so keep that in mind if you feel particularly stressed. I will tell you this. I am minding my own business here in my home, when I and my dog hear a voice coming from my phone... like, the computer voice that announces appointments or the number of a key being pressed. Only, this time, out of the blue-- a computer like woman's voice said clearly and dryly: "bad dog." I am serious. I wonder if my dogs have been chasing around some fairy spirit who is not amused. Today, I heard my husband talking to someone on the porch- or so I thought. I went out to visit too and no one was there. My husband was in the driveway changing a tire. He came indoors a little later and announced that he thought he heard me talking inside the car which was parked right beside him! I imagine mischievous spirits might be making the rounds, so be aware, but not alarmed.