Monday, May 18, 2015

Regret- learning from mistakes

Make a good cake by sticking with basic recipe

I posted this on FB already, but I'm assuming not everyone is on there! lol
Felt a shift in energy the other day concerning the path of world events. It shifted the day that Iran city was taken as it was then that I felt a plan being solidified concerning the future course of events and powers that be.
I tell you for basically no reason but I tell you anyway. So. There you go.

Ok I could say more but sometimes the stuff I feel seems too fantastic. So. I just say a little bit here and there.
But I'll tell you this. There has been a plan in place (by whom or what I'm not sure but it is for evil purpose) for some time to disrupt social norms by tearing down the things that make us secure. It is like a cancer that spreads slowly over 2-3 generations eating away the fabric that holds us together. It is spread by "reasonable" lies and arrogance- we throw away what was once tried and true as outdated or foolish. Finally when the foundation is so weakened we are utterly vulnerable and can be overthrown. In other words- divide and conquer.  Diminish morality and deny power of a family unit. Diminish power of sex (a spiritual tie that binds). I'm tired of the heartache I see and I see it spreading because we have lost our way and don't even know we're lost.  It's what I see. It's not too late to regain our footing but it soon will be. I'm telling you we have been surreptitiously led to the brink. I hope we wake up soon.

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