Wednesday, June 10, 2009

twin soul, soul mate?

ask angela soul mate/twin soulJune 5th, 2009 Dear Angela, what is the difference between a twin soul/flame and soul mate? DEAR READER: This is how it seems to me: Anyone can be a soul mate, you may have many, and often they are romantic—if you have a certain path to walk together or an “agreement” or “contract” to work through certain tasks or to share certain goals, or help each other grow, etc. Twin flames are 2 parts of one soul… created together at the beginning and torn apart, searching life after life to meet one another—it is romantic—male/female expressions of one being. It may be difficult to truly know the difference while you are in a relationship with your twin or mate, as most romantic relationships will be intense to start with and can be overwhelming. Perhaps time and hindsight will be the judge. Neither one will necessarily be an easy relationship—it can be intense, sexually charged—this intense energy keeps you working on self through the relationship. It may also entail a lot of work and effort just to get some understanding of it as well.