Wednesday, June 10, 2009

our outlook-vision-n. korea

I do see light thrugh the trees of this forest we are in. I feel that maintaining a hopeful outlook is important as to give into fear and the fear mongers is to further delay our current path. In 2004, I predicted a financial crisis in 08 and warned most people at that time that came to see me. I do not feel that this is over as I said, but I do think that it gets better after a period of adjustments and change– it is like this: the “house” that we lived in became weak and unsafe. It had to be virtually destroyed so that it could be rebuilt into something better. THe period of destruction is where we are now, but I can see that the new house, once completed, will be more appropriate and better for us all. I think that the new foundation is being laid and that construction will be speeding up now toward a better end– barring a natural disaster- which should not occur yet, but who knows. cross that bridge when we get to it. Also, I predicted that N. Korea was the place to watch in 04 and I have to double that warning now. I am very concerned that that will become worse and China may be forced to deal with them and their consequences… how they do that is unforseen. I feel that their leadership is very confused and paranoid, which is what we have been told– but I FEEL that strongly. I also feel that they feel angry– impotent– and need to be acknowledged as the power they feel they are. I seem to get a feeling of “destiny” when I sense them– That they may have a sense of their own destiny. Well, that is my chit chat for today. no wait, here is something i see– this is not an opinion, just what i feel/see: I can feel a man in the middle east who is looking at us differently– he is a leader, but I do not recognize him. He has kept his his head low, taking in a situation, absorbing what is around him. His emotions are deep and intense– he is unsure how to act - how to manage. He looks to the west–he see smoke rise up, but not sure how he feels about that, but he wants to make something better– to make peace– he is a man of peace but feels he is, against his will, in war. his presense may soon be known. okay, there for now.