Saturday, August 22, 2009

what was that?

Have you ever seen a spirit? Well, maybe you have and did not know it. Sometimes, they appear to be like the heat waves that come off pavement... only they are moving around in a cool space! Sometimes, you can see energy briefly appear like that, but it is not moving and may be almost like a tear in "nothing" or the air in front of you. Sometimes you might see a "tear" that has bright light, like yellow or sunlight in it-- that could be a portal to another dimension. I saw that twice-- it was like, someone had burned a squarish hole in thin air, and behind it was solid yellow flame. That was the weirdest thing I believe I ever saw. Some people say they can spot alien craft about sundown, but they use special glasses I think. Josh Warren has info on that on his site I think. However, you may see glimpses of metal in the sky that are there then gone-- just a brief glimpse-- maybe this is such a craft, maybe it is just not visible to the naked eye. All I know is that I am seeing this lately but not until just lately. Sometimes, you might see a black shadow slip across the floor, an inky black shadow. I am not so sure what that is, but sometimes, it feels like the spirit of a cat-- other times, it feels like an earth spirit. Of course, there are other things to see and feel-- I am just naming a few.