Saturday, August 22, 2009

rubber band relationship

If you find that you are in a new relationship-- and suddenly you are having to explain the simplest things to your partner - like how to make you feel loved, for example. Or feel that you are being disrespected -- please, take time out and see if this is what is best for you. Once you find yourself trying too hard to get someone's attention, or are having to question if someone really loves you, then why are they doing this or that-- or if they are treating you with contempt-- Please don't try harder-- please do not try to fix them, please understand that investing your emotions in such a person will hurt you more long run than letting them go now will. and be careful-- often when you leave such a person, they will suffer anxiety and will pull you back in as it make them feel better to have the upper hand. Do this more than once and you have a rubber band relationship and, guess what, time is passing by that could be spent finding someone who is healthy and doesn't need training on how to be a good boy/girl friend. I see too much of this (been there and done it) and I hate to see unnecessary suffering.