Friday, August 7, 2009

talking to yourself again?

Talking to yourself, the way you would talk to someone you love alot, can often help you get through a problem or help you understand yourself better. The trouble is, we often talk to ourselves terribly-- saying terrible judgmental things that we might not say to someone else.Listen to your words and decide if what you are saying is the best thing to say-- or if you are repeating things that are rooted in bad habits. Also, talking to one's self can give insight. One time, I amused my niece's children by using my hand as a sort of puppet. Their mom had to go inside a store and we were waiting in the car. I used a silly voice and name and pretended to be talking about myself. I am telling you-- it is like the puppet had a voice of it's own-- saying things about me! She (we named her silly sally) said that she was angry because I was too cheap to buy her anything! The kids were laughing and so was I but at the same time, it was like I had entered bizarro world. I realized that I was truly angry with myself because I did deny myself every good thing, especially any nice things-- because I had been reared that way. I just could not feel justified in treating myself to ANYTHING but junk! That episode helped me to realize that I was doing this and that I had HUGE anger stored inside about that. While I now have a fear of my right hand-- I also have valuable insight and can begin correcting that issue. SO-- maybe it is something you can try as an exercise. Don a sock puppet or draw a face on your hand and have a conversation. There is no telling what you might learn if you can let go and try it.