Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dreams maybe

Last night, I literally heard a woman-- or 2 women--talking at foot of my bed. I could not understand a word and the voices were distant and sort of in and out. I actually turned on light to check it out. I also wrote a friend from my phone as I felt that he, and myself as well, should be paying attention to our dreams, tho I am not sure why I felt that. Now, I am feeling that I might say the same thing to you, reader. Don't analyze this, but do take note, perhaps, of any interesting dreams that come in the wee hours. Energy is highly erratic. Moods could be going from one extreme to the other. Enjoy the ride, I guess. Still feeling earth changes, including tremors in my neck of woods. This is nothing new, I guess. Anyway, energy is stirred up, stay balanced if you can.