Friday, November 30, 2012

2 more chapters of my book (3 & 4)

Embarrassing moments 

Years ago, I was having breakfast at a local eatery as part of my usual routine.  While enjoying my meal, I noticed that a nearby table had not been bussed, a task that customers were expected to perform for themselves at this particular place.  I saw that this careless customer had not only left behind their clutter, but also a half-eaten sausage biscuit.  My dog Opie was waiting in the car, and I felt that he would enjoy having that biscuit for his breakfast.  The restaurant was full, yet the surrounding booths were empty.  So, finishing my breakfast quickly and gathering all of my rubbish onto my tray, I walked by the table, gazing intently ahead.  While balancing my tray on one hand, I surreptitiously slipped the abandoned sandwich off the plate and into my pocket, and kept right on walking without missing a beat.  After disposing of my tray, I walked toward the door smiling happily, thinking of the wonderful treat Opie would soon receive.  On the way, I passed a nice smiling businessman headed back to his table.  He nodded and I smiled.  He was obviously returning to his breakfast after refilling his cup of coffee.  Suddenly, I realized that he was returning to an empty plate, and that his breakfast was riding cozily hidden in my pocket.  My joy turned to fear and embarrassment, but all I could do was to keep walking.  I jumped in my car, and as I looked back, I saw the poor man at the counter wildly waving his arms and the waitress sadly shaking her head.  The truly sad part is that Opie snubbed the biscuit.
I would like to say that I have improved with age.  However, that is not the case.  Some time ago, a nice man was coming by for a visit.  This man is quite attractive, and while neither of us is available, I still was slightly more aware of my femininity.  I was wearing a sweater that was v- necked and tended to become looser as I became warmer.  I thought about changing into something more subdued, since I am quite blessed in the bosom, but decided against it as I was busy cleaning house and taking phone calls all morning.  “Besides,” I thought, “Who cares if someone sees a little cleavage?  I am not so old yet.”
  Finally, my visitor arrived and I answered the door.  Suddenly I felt that changing my sweater might have been the thing to do, because he immediately began staring at my cleavage.  However, my lesser judgment took over and I sort of felt, well, sexy.  Could it be that I still had “it,” even now?  At age forty-something, it felt nice to be admired.  He took a seat, and I noticed amidst our pleasantries that he was still gazing at my chest.  I started feeling a little uncomfortable and I feared I was showing more than I had realized.  As I started to talk, I shifted a little nervously in my seat, and again I noticed his eyes slipping downward.  “My bust must be a powerful tool,” I thought. 
It was just at this moment my phone rang.  I looked to my left, then to my right, and finally to the center and down.  I had plunged my telephone into my cleavage for convenience sake while cleaning and had not thought of it again.  I just looked him in the eye and said, “I’ll get that.”
I will continue to believe I am eccentric rather than strangely absent and find comfort in knowing that at least for a “wise woman,” I am normal.

Chapter 2  Other Worlds

Many believe there are countless worlds.  In certain places, perhaps they overlay one another, and pieces of one protrude into another.  When a person has a high vibration due to their nature, or because they are in a state of change, they are able to perceive and perhaps interact with these worlds.  When intense change is occurring, it is possible that this creates a vibration that “stirs things up” energetically and creates a tear in the veil that separates us from other realms.
There are also portals that open between worlds, some of which are stable, some that move randomly.  Some spirits, or guides, are part of a realm where they are able to see and help us in ways that will not always be understood by us who remain here.  Here, we have blinders on, but in a higher reality, we have full vision and we “get” the big picture.  Some guides are those who have known and loved us in life, but others are assigned to us for a certain purpose.  Some may be with us throughout our lives and have known us only in spirit.
In addition, in other realms, there are spirits who are called common spirits, or ghosts.  Often these spirits are unaware that they are dead, or knowing that, they are not ready to move on for some reason that is personal to them.  They are the same now as when they were living.  They may feel that they are caught in a dream or something simply feels wrong.  Other realms are home to other-worldly beings, wayward spirits, ministering angels, aliens, etc.  Angels, while often working as guides, are not humans who have passed over, but created beings who can and do assist us in our spiritual growth and connect us better to God.  Many alien life forms exist, some which interact with us, some which are oblivious to us.  They travel inter-dimensionally, some through portals in space.  Each world can be accessed through thought, with your imagination creating a bridge that connects one reality to another.  This bridge is different than a portal, as it is created within the confines of your mind.  However, this type of energy can open a portal if it raises the vibration of the energy surrounding the one using the power of imagery or visualization.