Friday, September 4, 2009

weatherman vs guide

Someone asked, how do you listen to a warning from a guide without attracting the thing you were warned about. I suggest you focus on what is most hopeful, while taking the warning under advisement. I think of it like this: Think of your guide as a weatherman. The weatherman says there is a 90% chance of a bad storm coming your way. I would suggest that you prepare for that as to the best of your knowledge, but then, I would focus on the good things of life, and whatever is the task at hand. Helping others is always a good way to make life better for yourself too. The thing is this: do not sacrifice today on the altar of what MIGHT happen tomorrow. THINGS CAN CHANGE-- having a warning can help you AVOID a situation. For example: if I am told that if i wrestle a bear, I might die, I can choose to not wrestle a bear. I do not have to surrender to that info and go looking about for a bear taking a crap in the woods. So, plan for whatever might be-- but live/love today.