Monday, November 10, 2014

For your amusement

So in middle of night I see the floor lamp which is directly beside front door is on. I am thinking maybe night owl son dusty is upstairs and so I go to turn it off. It has a hateful switch so I sort of had to bend down and get under it so I could see the knob-- at which point I see the door is slightly ajar and realize dusty is outside. Just at that moment, he walked in-- sees a figure all bent up under the light. All I hear is "oh my God" as the door slams shut.  It was Totally unintentional but I can't quit laughing about it. It was worse first time it happened, when I had no idea he was outside, standing in doorway. He was sneaking a cigarette, standing quietly in the night with his back to the doorway. I had decided to open door and let some air in and had no idea he would be standing there. So- upon opening door and seeing a tall figure looming there I loudly let out a yelp and dusty nearly fainted. Lol life at the Moore's.