Thursday, August 14, 2014

For your amusement

I posted this on FB but here it is for your amusement. Dylan is my 5 year old grandson. He calls me GG, and my husband "batman." (Aka poppy) this is a typical day/post. 

James should not babysit as I feel certain that he is insane. The boy decides that he needs to paint.  James, in his bizarre wisdom decides to let him paint a cardboard box, but not with my art paint...nooooo.. but but regular latex wall paint and a mini roller. yep. that's what i said. so they go to deck where james can relax and boy can paint.  so... box is painted then dylan decides to paint the deck gate and post (and floor etc) when James (aka batman) tells him that GG might get mad if she sees that.  So, Dylan asks if batman might say it was his idea... taking heat off him. (like i wouldn't blame batman anyway).  James/batman agrees. Dylan is not assured, so when batman is not looking, Dylan paints him, batman, a good swipe or two on his shirt/neck/head.... so that it appears james/batman has been the one making said mess-- completing the frame up job. I honestly think that they are 2 of a kind.  (batman didn't get angry in case you're wondering)