Saturday, August 16, 2014

a message?

A prophecy? Did I ever tell you this? For some reason, it has come to my mind and I think I am supposed to tell you.  You can ignore right now if you wish.
Once, many years ago, I was up in Linville Falls, literally standing inside a cracked boulder, when i felt the spirit of the mountain... or maybe great spirit?  I felt like I was was  receiving a message. It was a very strange feeling, like no other I have felt before. I started to tell my friend what I was hearing, but oddly, she could not understand me...tho one word was remembered at the time- but sorry-- no more. I thought I was speaking in plain English, but she said it was totally not a language she knew. However, I did recall the word at the time and I did find it was in fact Cherokee- tho i do not recall what it meant... again, sorry, i digress.  I do know, when I was in this "state" I kept feeling that I was speaking with "Grandfather."  I have had that feeling of a "Grandfather" when on rocks in certain places before, but not like this. Anyway, here is what I thought I was repeating, and what I am repeating now.  "When the mountains start to walk, then you will know the end times have begun."
So, there you go.  Maybe I told you already, but if so, here you go again.