Sunday, August 17, 2014

for your amusement (paranormal)

This happened: Yesterday about 2 pm I was walking past a truck (owned by lady i know, and yes, she knows, and knows to "cleanse" it) when I saw a figure inside the truck.  I was startled and I "jumped" as there was no one in the truck 1 minute earlier. In a split second I assumed it was likely to be owner's friend, so I glanced back in to speak, (fixing to say that I was startled) when I saw a figure like no other figure I have ever seen. It was like a 3-dimensional shadow figure of a human.. but with NO features.  NO nose, ears, hair... like an image of a man wearing a dark gray/black body stocking. It seem to be facing straight ahead. I literally yelped and stepped back. When I looked back, it was gone. I stood there a few more seconds staring into the truck, trying to figure out what I could have mistakenly seen or imagined. There was nothing. I saw what I saw, and I am sharing for your amusement. I feel, I know, that it is a paranormal hitchhiker, likely rooted in the place by the river where truck was parked.  so, as i said, just sharing.