Friday, August 8, 2014

Bear Vision

  A few years ago, I mentioned on coast to coast that I "saw" a bear like being, a bear but not a bear... speaking to a man. The bear was saying that an "agreement" had been broken and that this was a warning. I think that is how I put it. I thought at the time that this was in reference to the injury we have inflicted on nature. Now, I think, it was about Russia. I have found that sometimes my visions take a long time to occur in this reality, but it also seems, the longer they take, the bigger the deal, so to speak. I am remembering this and feeling that maybe it is about current events developing in the world now. I am also feeling changes in the world could intensify or speed up in winter.
  Oh, by the way. In 2012 I did feel that it was possible (not absolute) that a sun flare could bring a lot of trouble for the planet, and maybe a need to be safe rather than sorry. I did share this with folks. I see now that NASA has said we just missed being hit by a flare in 2012 that would have been devastating. It's good to know I was not so wrong after all. anyway...
  I am simply sharing this info for your amusement and/or edification.