Wednesday, September 24, 2014

current energy plus visions

As I think I said a month so so ago, Sept was likely going to be a turning point for world, and I feel that recent events reflect that.
I am thinking the next few weeks will be about who we know, how we know them, and in general, could be a good time for making friends, professional networking, rethinking relationships etc.  Romance is favored, but emotions could be very close to the surface and people may be extra sensitive. Bubble baths are favored as are walks in woods, beaches or other natural settings.
Okay, here are my visions, but you can just stop reading now if you wish as they are sort of awful... or not... just something I see.  I don't know how valid it is, so don't worry about it.
First, a couple of weeks ago, I "see" a city below me. It is surrounded, at least on one side, by mountains (not heavily forested), and I am sure a desert is nearby.  I "see" coyotes coming down from hills and in from desert, all are converging on the city. The coyotes are very large, very hungry and very determined -- and of course are symbolic of something else, I'm sure. The coyote is the trickster, a type of lone wolf.. smart, determined, fierce.. etc.
Ok, the next vision was today. I "see" `a blue sky but there are birds circling. I stare at them and while I think they are hawks, I realize they are vultures.
Well, on that happy note, I will leave this now with you.
In general, maybe it is time to enjoy your life, be happy and help others. Good will return to you I'm sure.