Wednesday, September 17, 2014

an older story-- for your amusement

The other day I lost a bit of money, most likely in a parking lot.  It is upsetting but that is the way it goes, it's gone, and I am over it. I was wondering where it could be and began to question if perhaps I had a mischievous sprite playing a naughty game.
The next day, my daughter required me to bring her a can of soup and some ginger ale as she had been sick the night before. I had a can of soup in the cupboard so I just stuck it in my pocketbook and left for her apartment with her step dad. I stopped at a store and got ginger ale and ice.  On the way over, I said to James. If this money was stolen by a sprite rather than by my own carelessness, I am asking for it to be returned in a way that really gets my attention-- like years before when something was returned in a startling way. I said it would be fun if that happened as nothing much seems to happen anymore like that.
  We arrived at Jayme's place and when I looked in my purse-- no soup. I KNOW I put it in there. Still, I think I am losing it lately, so I wonder if I just thought I brought it. I carried in the ginger ale, made a promise to bring soup over after breakfast at the waffle house (a sunday tradition). While I carried in the drink, James went thru my purse and confirmed the soup was not in there. It is a small purse, not that much room in there.
    We had breakfast, but I left my purse locked in car. When we returned to the car, I glanced down and you guessed it: the soup was in my purse, right at the top-- I did not even have to open my pocketbook all the way to see it, it was, as I said, RIGHT AT THE TOP.
I am thinking, that the message is, NO, we did not steal your money, but we did hear you and here is the fun that you requested.
AND IT WAS FUN. I'm glad to know they are still about and still listen.