Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OK, this happened. 
Last night, I awoke to feeling (not of alarm, just a feeling) of someone in my room. I glanced over to James' side of the bed and saw who I assumed to be my son, Dustin Whitesides, standing there and watched him turn to walk away. I assumed he had came in for some tums which are on James Moore night stand, as he has done that twice before. I braced myself for an onslaught of barking as Martin will not tolerate stealing, trespassing nor the sight of Dusty. I turned my head in order to continue watching him leave, hoping that he and or Dusty would remain silent when I realized.. the figure had disappeared.  My room is not that dark, and the figure while "dusty sized," was slightly illuminated white/gray. I assumed he looked that way due to the bit of light coming in thru windows and my sleepy eyes. Regardless of my sleepiness, I know what i saw and I saw it for more than a few seconds.  I waited a minute and got up to go to bathroom and found Dusty up and doing laundry.  He had not been in our room at all.  so.  go figure. as i said, that happened.