Tuesday, September 16, 2014

For your amusement

So. I was in car, eating this sandwich (ok it was a Big Mac) with shredded lettuce on it when a phone call from my kids dad came in. Since he was returning my call and I only needed to say "never mind earlier message," I went ahead and answered right away. Just at that moment, however, a bit (a glob) of mayo and lettuce made it's way under my bottom partial. This somehow caused my fake teeth to pop up half way loose into my mouth -which led me to trying to push them back in place  with my tongue in order to speak (as my other hand was busy holding onto my food). This led me  to try and say "never mind" so I could attend to things- but now my partial had twisted totally and bizarrely sideways in my mouth and lettuce and mayo was spewing everywhere. all I could say was something  like "gawk-- gak--- hhaaaaumph"etc. I dropped phone to fix things but before I could, said lettuce glob had been forced to back of throat and was partially hanging onto my uvula. This caused gagging, flailing and mental cursing as all I could verbalize was something along lines of "gaaaa ---gack-aarrrr" which translates to "for gosh sakes help me, I'm choking to death." Meanwhile, James Moore was sitting right beside me, paying zero attention. Niece Lisa was in car beside mine, also enjoying a sandwich and paying only mild attention. My ex. Husband Could be heard on phone- "what? What? What did you need? Say again?" As I tried to answer! Finally teeth flew out lettuce et all went down the hatch. During all this, James didn't raise an eyebrow and Lisa Davis Boyd lost even mild interest immediately.. which begs the question- is this how I normally appear when I eat?? I wonder.